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If you spell exotic” in plant language, it will be Anthurium. A native to the Caribbean and Southern and Central America, it has expanded its reach around the globe. Its bright dazzling flowers are a gift or nature, making them the perfect plants to gift to people who have a knack for decorative plants. The flowers are usually a bright red heart or leaf-shaped with a small tendril-like white structure on it. These plants are one of the most sought after indoor plants for their looks – if looks could kill. They are also on the list of top air purifying plants only to add more substance to its list of qualities. It will only add to the beauty of your interiors making even dull spaces come to life with the spark of color.

Common name: Anthurium, Lace flower, Flamingo flower

Scientific name: Anthurium Andraeanum

Size: It can reach up to a few feet

Maintenance: Care required.

Toxicity: Toxic. Every part of it is toxic so keep it out of reach of pets and children. If ingested accidentally, it can cause an upset stomach. Sometimes, skin irritation can occur.

Where to keep the plant: Plant does great indoors in the living room or on your desk. Can also be kept in the balcony in indirect sunlight.

Care Guide

Water: The plant requires a fair amount of watering. Every 4-5 days. It also varies on the climatic conditions where you stay. Check if the upper layer of the soil is dry, if yes then water away my friend.

Light: It craves ample bright indirect light to keep itself happy. Direct sun exposure does the opposite, the leaves are burned off. Make sure you place the pot somewhere with a good amount of indirect bright light.

Soil: The soil needs to be slightly moist at all times. Being rich in nutrients is another necessity as the plant is a rich feeder. A pot with drainage holes is recommended with soil in a mix of light sand and peat moss for an effective drainage system.

Humidity: The plant grows in a tropical environment. So you need to keep a good humid surrounding and warm temperatures. If these conditions are not meant, the plant will dry out and die.

Food: Anthurium is a demanding plant. A good soil compost is a necessity. Also, using organic liquid fertilizer throughout spring can work wonders. If the content says high phosphorus then go for it!

Propagation: As these plants are bred for their rich texture and look worldwide, they are easy to propagate with many methods to do so. Cutting – Planting a stem cut from a healthy branch and watering it effectively helps grow a new plant easily. Mist the plant. Seeds – You can plant new plants via the old school way, just plant a seed in good compost and treat it with care. Roots – Planting the roots that a mature plant raises above the soil in a separate pot until it sprouts a stem and then plating the stem again separately can also give birth to a baby Anthurium.


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