Birds of Paradise – Strelitzia Reginae

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A South African plant which is almost royalty among the green ones grown indoors. Bringing this plant home will be like opening your doors to tropical freshness. The Banana tree-like frond might confuse some but the flower on top of the leaves is one of a kind in nature. Majorly grown in clusters, these plants are loud and majestic with its beautiful flowers that complement just about any interior setting. Its flower resembles a bird’s snout with feathers on top of its head, hence the name – Crane flower. It also resembles a bird about to take flight which actually fills you with warmth and calmness in its presence.

Common name: Birds of Paradise

Scientific name: Strelitzia reginae

Size: A mature plant can occupy around 4 to 6ft wide area. It can reach the height of up to 4 to 6ft as well.

Maintenance: Easy

Toxicity: Toxic. It contains hydrocyanic acid which is not to be ingested. This plant is also poisonous to humans. Best to keep it out of reach of toddlers and curious pets.

Where to keep the plant: Loves sunlight. So keep the plant in the balcony or in your garden. Can be kept near a bright window indoors as well.

Care Guide

Water: Anything in access is dangerous and rightly so. Too much water can cause the yellowing of leaves. Best to water the plant only after the upper 2 inches of soil feels dry to the touch. The goal is to keep the soil moist, not water-clogged.

Light: Like sunflowers, this plant has an affinity to the sun. The sunlight is good but direct sunlight should be moderated or it might burn the plant. Indirect light is also helpful. The sun in the right amount will make it smile.

Soil: The soil should be mixed with a decent amount of pebbles or sand to improve the drainage. Also, nutrient-rich soil is a necessity so make sure to mix a good compost. A slightly acidic pH is also considered helpful for the plant to grow.

Humidity: High humidity is the key. Low humidity and even low temperatures will make your plant grumpy and brown. Spraying the leaves with mist is ideal. Humidifiers are also appreciated.

Food: Our queen won’t settle for meek diet plans. It has an appetite and so, feeding it with fertilizers in spring and liquid fertilizers in its growth phase are ideal. It requires rich constituents so don’t be fussy about it.

Propagation: These plants have a great growth spurt. Not only that, it’s easy to multiply these magnificent plants as they have a good multiplication rate. You can either grow it from a seed that might take longer to germinate or you can just divide one of the shoots from the clump into separate plants. Although it is recommended to always plant these in clusters as they grow faster.


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