10 Ideas for Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a time of pleasure and holidaying and it’s the time when one gives away gifts to their loved ones. Christmas Gifts are a presentation of love for the whole family and Christmas is the right time of the year to give Gifts to your loved ones which will bring a smile on their faces. No matter where you are or if your loved ones are residing in the other corner of the world, a present should reach them before Christmas. It’s a wonderful time of the year when you can do shopping with a nice long list of presents in your hand and the gifts which you are going to get for your loving family and friends. But, you usually end with all those common and mundane gifts because you get confused. Now, step away from that old sock and tie selection.

It’s time to find a better option of gifts for your loved ones so that they can use those for themselves instead of keeping them forgotten in their wardrobes. The following list will provide you a list of selective and unusual yet useful gifts for all people of all ages:

  1. World Peas for World Peace

    World Peas Green Peas, Santa Barbara Ranch, 5.3 Ounce

    Peace is a commonly desired concept and everyone tries to find peace. World Peace is a phenomenon for which most people struggle but till now, no one has ever got it fully. So now for the very first time, the United Nations has passed a binding resolution for the common people that every world leader will use a fork to eat a dinner plate of cooked garden peas. Don’t smile! Everybody knows that it takes a long time to entice the sneaky little balls into one’s mouth and it needs a lot of effort as well. This concept has been introduced as the idea that after this attempt, no leader will have any time or energy left to think about war.

  1. The Leftover Machine

    The leftover machine is a concept based on the fiction story somewhere similar to the character of “KupKakeinator” in ‘The Cat in the Hat’. In the story, the leftover machine turns anything into a Christmas hamper for the poor who struggle with poverty, family dysfunction, and mental illness. Similarly, anyone can help any poor who is unable to afford anything for this Christmas be a Leftover Machine. You just need a simple cardboard box which will be full of tinned and packaged goods. These items can be of dear help to the needy.

  1. Tree in a Water Bottle

    Tree in a Water Bottle

    A unique and unusual gift made with lots of creativity. Tree in a water bottle is a different concept in which a biodegradable water bottle is being sealed and its compartments are also sealed at the bottom. The sealed compartment includes a seed sown in some dirt with a small amount of water. When the user has finished drinking it, he can simply plant the bottle by piercing the compartment. This act will help the seed to shoot.

  1. Turn – Bullcrap filter by Malcolm:

    A product which gives a patriotic feel. You just have to flick the “on” switch and you can hear every word the PM utters to suck up to Cory Bernardi and George Christensen will be filtered out. The special feel will leave us with a sort of prime ministerial rhetoric for which people voted.

  1. An App named as a Road Rage Street Sign:

    A gift for everyone is this app. This app is for everybody who wanted to flip the stiff central digit at an incompetent driver but due to politeness or cowardice, never did so. Now, this new app can be used with a hands-free mobile phone to post messages for display on road signs as the offending driver passes by. You can easily create a message on the approach. The on-duty Officer will take an action against the offenders.

  1. Trumpet:



    You can simply blow the mouthpiece; depress the valve with a variety of happy thoughts that bubbles in your mind and it will emerge from the bell with a unique message of hope. When you will first blow it, it will deliver a message “Four years is not forever”. However, when you will depress the second valve, a message will come: “Close, Hillary, but no cigar.”

  1. Fair B’n’B:

    Fair B’n’B

    A new kind of service in accommodation which identifies all the government and corporate space locked up. It’s a wasted point of a night where hundreds of thousands of people sleep on the streets in rough conditions. So Fair B’n’B accommodation is introduced for the homeless where surplus rooms in schools, office towers, and council chambers will be identified and prepared for these needy persons. The Sydney people who cannot afford to pay $1 million-plus for a toilet less closet in Chippendale can have an accommodation now. In return for this stay, the homeless people have to go on a roster to do volunteer services as security guards on the premises. They can also wash the bedding or even prepare the meals for their fellow guests.

  1. Pop-up swimming pool delivery service:

    Popup Swimming Pool

    The hot days are no more a problem! If you wish you had a pool, you need not bother about the cost of cleaning or purchasing a quarter-acre block. The pop-up pool sends a delivery man with a portable pool at your doorstep who erects it in 2 minutes, then will fill it with water. You just have to splash around for a bit then he comes back and takes it all away until the next time it hits 40 degrees C.

  1. Bluebottle Blaster:

    Everyone who lives near the beach knows that sharks are not the biggest pain for them in the ass during the summers. The real culprit is noreasters. Bluebottle Blaster has introduced a newly developed drone technology which usually carries a sticky spider web-type sheet and does the survey of the beaches. When it spots anything such as a swarm of Bluey’s, then the web is dropped at the location and the pests are dragged out of the sea via the attached rope.

  1. No-Hoper Repellent:

    At Christmas, we need a way to keep undesirable no-hoper’s away from our children who are starting to discover what their naughty bits can be used for. Now a handy spray named as No-Hoper Repellent emits a hideous mix of some gasses that mimic a drunken father’s flatulence in three popular flavors: Twisties, Cheese ‘n’ Gherkin and Thai Green Curry – a beneficial product for your child’s safety.

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