60+ Friendship Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages To Share

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Friendship day is the celebration of one of the best relationships out there. Nothing is stronger than a true friendship between two people. Friends not only support each other but help each other get stronger. They always have each other’s backs. We might not be their blood relatives but we surely are closer than that. And this celebration is all about acknowledging this special bond that we have with each other. 

One of the best ways to celebrate friendship day is to hold a party. Or even a small get-together would do where you can have food. Reminisce about the good memories and also exchange gifts. But if that all is not possible, you can surely send friendship day messages to your friend to make their day.

So if you are looking for happy friendship day quotes wishes, you have come to the right place. As we have 60 happy friends day quotes that will surely impress your friend.


  1. I wish you a Happy Friendship Day! the person who knows my strengths and weaknesses and understands them.
  2. I know anything is possible as long as you are by my side. So accept these Happy Friendship Day! wishes from your bestie.
  3. Life is so much more beautiful when you are near, I wish you always be close to me. Happy Friendship Day! bestie.
  4. May you spend your days filled with love and laughter and hang out with me more. Happy Friendship Day!
  5. May you overcome every obstacle and have a lot of success and find happiness. Happy Friendship Day! bestie
  6. The fun and happiness that we share, the love that we have for each other, may it last forever. Happy Friendship Day!
  7.  Wishing you a very happy and peaceful life and more adventures and success to come. Happy Friendship Day!
  8. The best part about making memories is that I got to make them with you as my best friend. Happy Friendship Day!
  9.  May I always help you find your way back to happiness as you do the same for me. Happy Friendship Day!
  10. Thanks for helping me believe that soulmates do exist and thank you for being my soulmate. Happy Friendship Day! my best friend.
  11.  A special thank you to you for being in my life and supporting me always. Happy Friendship Day! bestie.
  12. The bond that we share and the love that we have for each other are immeasurable in words. So Happy Friendship Day! my friend.
  13. Every moment that I spend with you is precious to me as you are not only my best friend but a sibling to me. Happy Friendship Day!
  14. On this friendship day, I am grateful that you came into my life and accepted me as your best friend.
  15. Thank you bestie, for making my life fun and adventurous and helping me through my bad moments.
  16. I wish you a very Happy Friendship Day! and I would surely get you your favorite food if you come to visit me soon.
  17. I pray that you are healthy and safe on this friendship day. Do make some plans to meet as it has been a long time since we saw each other.
  18. We are polar opposites in our personalities but we still bring out the best in each other. I am happy that I met you. Happy Friendship Day!
  19. May all your wishes come true because I know your top wish would be to be friends with me forever. Happy Friendship Day!
  20. Happy Friendship Day to you! My friend, I hope we are the best of friends in the afterlife too and haunt our enemies together.


  1. How do I know I have the best friend in the world? Because the world might abandon me but you won’t. Happy friendship day!
  2. You always support me at my lowest and enjoy being with me at my highest points. Thank you for being there, bestie.
  3. Some people turn to family, some turn to their gods but I always turn to you when I need someone. Happy Friendship Day!
  4. You are my comfort zone but you are also my encouragement to be better. Thank you for being my best friend.
  5. While I put on a mask for the world, you are the only one who has seen my true face. Happy Friendship Day! to my most trusted person.
  6. Though we might have parted ways with time, our roots still intertwine. Happy Friendship Day! my soulmate.
  7. You, my friend, are like a book to me alluring on the outside and always holding the unexpected inside. Happy Friendship Day!
  8. You are like the stars to me, you might not be visible sometimes but I know you are always there. Happy Friendship Day! 
  9. You are my sun after a storm, my peace after a struggle. Always be there for me as I am for you. Happy Friendship Day! 
  10. You are like a home to me, I can be my worst with you and still be loved the most. Thank you and Happy Friendship Day! 
  11. The best things in life are never rational or logical. That is why our friendship never made sense to anyone else. Happy Friendship Day!
  12. If the world was a desert, you would be the oasis for me. Happy Friendship Day! to you my best friend.
  13. You are as much special to me as chocolate. So never doubt your worth. Happy Friendship Day! bestie.
  14. Seeing you happy always puts a smile on my face. I hope the same works for you. Happy Friendship Day! my happiness.
  15. All the best memories in my life have one constant, they all have you by my side. Happy Friendship Day! bestie
  16. Friends are the people who make your life awesome, make you laugh louder and your world brighter. Happy Friendship Day!
  17. Friendship is not something that you can learn anywhere, you have to experience it to know it. Thank you for giving me the best experience.
  18. Forever might sound like a long time but it passes in a minute when I’m with you. Happy Friendship Day!
  19. The moment I saw your crazy smile and devil may care attitude, I knew we were going to be friends for life. Happy Friendship Day! my partner in crime.
  20. I will always cherish the memories that I made with you, be it small moments of happiness or wild moments of fun. Happy Friendship Day! bestie.


  1. I can overcome any obstacle if I have you by my side. Happy friendship day bestie!
  2. You know me well enough to know how crazy I am, still, you stick by my side. Thank you for doing that. Happy Friendship Day!
  3. I find myself faking my personality with other people but you always bring out my truest self. Happy Friendship Day! bestie.
  4. We have stood side by side from the moment we met, supporting and building each other. Happy Friendship Day!
  5. I miss the quality time that we spent with each other. Please make more time for me. Happy Friendship Day! bestie.
  6. You are my motivation in this life to be better and a bit more crazier. Happy Friendship Day!, my friend.
  7.  Dear bestie, I want you to know that no matter where you are you are always in my thoughts and heart. Happy Friendship Day!
  8. I treasure every moment that I get to spend in your company and will always remember these moments. Happy Friendship Day!
  9. Hope with every passing year our bond only gets stronger and we grow closer together. Happy Friendship Day!
  10. The knowledge that you will always have my back no matter where I am, makes me feel safe. Happy Friendship Day! bestie
  11. May you have a bright and prosperous future ahead and you achieve everything in your life. Happy Friendship Day! my best friend.
  12. Thank you for being a second family to me and many times being my sole confidant. Happy Friendship Day! bestie.
  13. On this Happy Friendship Day!, remember the promise we made to take our embarrassing secrets to the grave.
  14. If you had met me when we were children, we would have been even closer together. But never late than never. Happy Friendship Day! bestie
  15.  I won’t say this to your face but I am proud to have such a talented and amazing friend. Happy Friendship Day!
  16. Thank you for saving me from my mistakes by making them first so I can learn from your experience. Happy Friendship Day! bestie
  17. You are my family away from home, the one person that I can always turn to. Happy Friendship Day!, my friend.
  18.  We have shared all our happy and sad moments and being strong for each other and vulnerable to each other. Thank you for being there for me, bestie.
  19. We all meet a lot of people throughout our lives, so I am lucky that I found you as my best friend. Happy Friendship Day!
  20. You know that you can always turn to me whenever you need help because I will definitely turn to you. Happy Friendship Day! bestie

The above list contains a lot of friendship day greetings that you can use to wish your friends on this special day. Friendship day is all about remembering the good times that we have with our friends. And also acknowledge the support that we give each other whenever we need someone. So it is a very special occasion and finding the best friendship day messages for a bestie is the least you can do to make their day.

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