Friendship Day Special: 6 Bollywood Songs Dedicated To Friendship

Saving Bollywood songs for a best friend will show your thoughts about your best friends, which will make them smile. There are many friendship songs in Hindi which you can use to dedicate to your friends. Friendship songs Bollywood have immense feelings in their lyrics which you usually don’t share with your friends. So here is a list of the best Hindi songs for friends which you can dedicate to your friends to show their importance in your lives :

Friends are the ones who are always there when we are in trouble. They are a blessing in our lives. We forget every problem with friends, and if we are in, we share with them our every concern. We make several friends in our lifetime, but few friends remain with us for a lifetime. Friendship is all about being unfiltered and telling your true feelings to your friends. Affection, loyalty and love are three pillars of friendship in which people with the same interest and likes vibes with each other and choose them as their friends.

In friendship, there is mutual respect which they never show to each other, but when needed, you prove how much you respect them as an individual. It takes two people to decide the boundaries, which are never spoken but rather understood by oneself. Without the cooperation of the other one, friendship can survive just like any other relationship. Friends are like magic who can change your whole life just by existing. These friends, without any questions, are there with us in our bad times. From childhood, we start making friends, and some of them remain in our lives forever. Friendship day is a day on which we celebrate all the fun and memories with our friends. 

This day is to celebrate all those days when we did things that would be beautiful and fun memories. Don’t you think that only friends have this ability to make us smile when we are down in our lives? They are with us, and even when we want silence, they sit by our side to give us company. We go out with our partners and tell our parents that we are going out with our friends and there is always that one friend whose name is used in every lie. So, for a change, they are there with us, even not being present in real life. 

With friends, we sing songs, dance, cry, laugh. On friendship day, we all must appreciate the existence of our friends in our lives and applaud them for not giving up on us when we were hard to handle. Why not dedicate a song to them? This is the best way to express how you appreciate their existence and want them to be in your life forever. Dedicating a song, especially a Bollywood song, is the best option as Bollywood songs have epic lyrics which depict your feelings at an accurate level.

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    1. Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan:

    A song that is a classic example of friendship with heart touching lyrics. If you want to show your best friend how much they matter to you and how hard you wish, they stay in your lives forever. This song depicts all the things done by our friends and the sense of thankfulness that they came into your lives. This song is the best Hindi song for friends.

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    2. Atrangi Yaari:

    This song from the movie wazir is a beautiful song dedicated to your friend on friendship. This song is gaining popularity among people as it truly has lyrics that are apt for friends. Saving this song to your friend will make them remember all those fun moments you lived together.

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    3. Yaariyan:

    This song is a mixture of emotional and peaceful lyrics. Like in friendships, some misunderstandings are there, which after resolving, become a fun memory. But you can dedicate this song to your best friend from the movie Cocktail and show them that you do not ever want to lose them, even if there are problems and misunderstandings between you.

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    4. Dil Chahta Hai:

    This song will always stand tall in the golden book of friendship. This song is famously known as the Goa song. If you and your friends have finally managed to go on a trip to Goa, then this song is a must- dedication song to your friends, but if you are still planning a Goa trip, then also you can dedicate this to them as its mesmerizing lyrics will freshen up their minds.

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    5. Yaaro Dosti Badi Hi Haseen Hai:

    This song is one of the best songs in the history of friendships. If you have a group and your friends are always on their toes for helping you, then you should dedicate this song to your squad. You all can sing this song together on friendship day to acknowledge that friendship is really important for a person to live a happy life.

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    6. Dil Dhadakne Do:

    Your list for dedicating songs is incomplete if you have not added this song. The catchy lyrics of this song makes the environment vibrant, and also, the lyrics talk about how life should not be lived according to the traditional norms; rather, you should live it according to yourself. This song is the most appropriate song to dedicate to your friends.

As rightly said by Aristotle that a friend is a single soul dwelling in two bodies, friendship is the most beautiful and pure form of love one can show to others. This friendship day, show your friend your love and your feelings towards them through dedicating friendship songs.

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