45+ Top Rakhi Gifts for Sister

Rakhi is considered as a very auspicious festival in India. Sisters tie Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers and pray for their healthy and prosperous life. Brothers in return surprise their sisters with lovely gifts. Although this festival originates in India, now-a-days it is spread across the globe signifying bond and unity among brothers and sisters. Since technology has emerged a lot, we can easily send Rakhi and gifts to various parts of India and across the globe hassle free. Your sister might not be demanding, but somewhere within her heart, she expects Rakhi gifts from you. Raksha Bandhan is the most pious festival one can have. Make it special for your sister by getting her a meaningful gift. Raksha Bandhan is a divine day in every sister’s life, make the best of the day with the best gifts available. In this article, we’ll talk about the best Raksha Bandhan gifts you can give to your sister.

If you have a sister and perhaps you are confused about what you should gift her, then the below-given list is for you. Keep on reading.


Queens Necklace

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Here is the Silver Rose Gold layered Queens Necklace to present as a rakhi gifts to your sister. Jewelry makes your sister happy and keeps it safe for years.

Photo Frame

Photo Frame

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Photo frames are a classic examle that will never stop being in vogue when it comes to gifting your sister something for rakhi. A photo frame is something that keeps the memories alive right before your eyes. She can keep her favorite picture of you two together in that photo frame or you can put in a picture of you two in it while gifting it. It is the ideal gift from a brother who stays away from home.

Wrist watches

Women Analogue Watch

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Wrist watches come up with very sleek and beautiful design. It could be an ideal declaration of the bond between the brother and sister that they would be connected every second of a day. So, on this Rakhi gift your sister with Wrist watches.

Photo Lamp

Personalized Photo Lamp

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The Sisters love to decorate their room and Lamp shades could give the finishing touch that she ever wanted. Lamp shades are quite beautiful and come up with various designs and shades.

Photo Mug

Photo Mug

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Photo mugs as a gift that can potentially remind you about the memories you have of your sister/brother. A picture of a sister or brother on a coffee mug could be a good Rakhi gift. This Raksha Bandhan gift your sister with her favourite animated Mug, the Mug can be the best Rakhi gifts for married sisters. The Mug features a great design and contrast colours, which can make your sister go gaga over its beauty. You can easily fetch a Mug buy from button above.

Personalized Keychains

Key Chain

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The appeal of personalised gifts are unmatched when it comes to love and affection. You can consider buying a personalised key chain for your beautiful sister this Raksha Bandhan. The Keychain can be your best pick and maybe regarded as the best Rakhi gifts for married sisters. Gift your sister a personalised key chain blended with your love, protection and affection.


Indoor Plants

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Indoor plants can be of great worth when we consider them as the best gift for Raksha Bandhan to sister. The plants promote harmony and can also lead to a more soothing relationship amidst you & your sister.

Soft and Comfy Pillows

Soft Pillow

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Gifting your sister with I love you pillow can be of great worth in ensuring harmony in your pious relation. A beautiful pillow can be the best gift for Raksha Bandhan to sisters. It’s obvious that your sister would love the gift.

Rakhi Combo Thali

Rakhi Thali

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Raksha Bandhan Pooja Thali plays a vital role in the traditional celebration of rakhi and in the brother-sister relationship. Shop rakhi with pooja thali which is something really exclusive and aesthetically beautiful, that are designed by our experts. This Raksha Bandhan Thali is handcrafted to perfection with the best quality materials, bright colors, and each piece is decorated with love and absolute care.

Personalised Rakhi Cakes

Rakhi Cakes

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Any girl who has a sweet tooth would melt at the sight of a box full of cupcakes and cakes. The best thing about gifting cakes and cupcakes on Rakhi is that you can customize it based on the occasion. Get your own cute or funny message written on the cake and send it your sister’s way to see her eyes gleam with joy at the delicious goodies. Gift her the sweet treats in the flavors she loves the most.

Raksha Bandhan Kids Special Combo

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Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with special rakhi combo for kids online. Gift the best Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Your Kids Online.

Raksha Bandhan Cupcakes

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 Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with some sweet Rakhi themed cupcakes.


Ferrero Rocher Chocolates

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Chocolates without any doubt are the thing that almost every girl cherishes. You can present your sister with a Ferrero Rocher, a Chocolate brownie, or chocolate on the occasion of Rakhi. You could very well celebrate Rakhi with chocolate this year.


Red and White Rose Bouquet

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Girls love the mesmerizing smell of flowers and are completely in love with them. This is a perfect year for you to celebrate the Rakhi with flowers and perhaps enjoy the auspicious festival.

Soft Toy

Kung Fu Panda Soft Toy

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A girl is in love with a doll or a cuddly teddy. They make them happy and offer great delight to them. So, if you want to surprise your sister this Rakhi then definitely this could be a perfect choice.
You can consider buying an alluring teddy bear. A pink teddy can make any girl go mad after it, this can be the best gift for Raksha Bandhan to sisters. To all the brothers out there looking forward to buying the best gift for sisters, the pink teddy can be your best pick.

Rakhi Cake With Sweets And Rakhi Design

Rakhi Cake

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Make this occasion sweeter with amazing Rakhi cakes from HalfCute flavors. Varying across a lot of flavors this is the best way to tell your sister how sweet she is.



Jewelry at Rs.639/-

Jewelry at Rs.139/-

Jewelry is an asset that is considered auspicious for the Rakhi ceremony. A diamond or gold pendant would ideally be a perfect Rakhi gift for married sisters. So, don’t hold back and buy this perfect gift for your lovely sister. Jewelry can be the best way to make this go jolly, gift set silver jewelry to your lovely sister this Raksha Bandhan. You can consider buying anklets, bracelets, and more this Rakhi. A beautiful silver coin can be the best Rakhi gift for married sisters. Make the best of your special day, shower your love with the best Rakhi gifts for sister.

 Makeup Products

Makeup Products

If your sister is into makeup, then gifting her various makeup products would be a good idea. You can gift her an assortment of makeup products like a Kohl, a lipstick, a mascara, and a lip balm all put together into one box. The other way would be to ask her if she is craving a particular product and then make her happy day happier by gifting her that. She will truly be thankful for this gift.

 Charm bracelets

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets have been a gift of choice on many occasions for a long time. They also make a great rakhi gift for sisters. You can customize the charms according to something that symbolizes the bond that both of you have. For instance, if both of you love visiting the beaches, gift her a bracelet that has charms like seashells, starfishes, and the likes. Wearing it will make her think of the love you have for her.

 Potted plants

Potted Plants

Potted plants or bonsais are great options for the sister who has newly shifted to her new home or apartment. The potted plants make great decorative pieces for the balcony and verandahs. They are like adding a touch of greenery in the simplest of places and your sister would surely appreciate this thoughtful gift that you give her. There are many varieties of bonsais and potted plants that you can make your choice from.

 Scented candles

Scented Candles

Scented candles are a great idea as a Rakhi gift for the sister who wants her room or her home to smell floral at all times. You will even get some scented candles that are specially made to be gifted to your sister and that even adds a personal touch to the gift that you choose. Many of the brands let you pick your own scent and that lets you select the scent that your sister loves.

 Personalized tee shirts


Graphic Tees

The graphic tees or the tees with cute and funny quotes written on them are really the in-thing now and your sister would absolutely love to have them. Select something that has a quote that suits her persona and is also feels comfy and cool. There are also tee shirt pairs available for brother and sister. That would make a pleasant surprise for her. You can wear it together on the day of rakhi and step out in style.

 Tea boxes


Tea Boxes

Tea boxes have of late come up as really popular gifts to give for all occasions and Rakhi is no exception. This gift for the girls who love to drink their Chai all day long and the more the flavors, the better for her. You can gift boxes of her favorite variety of teas like Green tea or Earl Grey tea. You can also make her experiment with new flavors that she has not tried before. Here is something that will be a worthy gift for a tea lover.

Bath bombs

Bath Bombs

Rakhi is the time to pamper your sister and the bath bombs are a good way to let her relax and rejuvenate. Bath bombs are for the sister who works extra hard and deserves to have some time unwinding with a refreshing bath. The bath bombs are not just aromatic in nature but also have several qualities like de-tanning, moisturizing, and hydrating skin. All of the qualities make it a really coveted gift by the girls.

 Air fryers

Air Fryer

Gift an air fryer to a sister who loves to cook but makes it a point to eat healthy at all times. The air fryers need just a minimum spraying of oil and the fried food comes out tasting just as delicious as anyone can think of. Now even your sister will not stop you from having unhealthy fried food and in fact, she will make some goodies for you in her new air fryer that you gifted.

 Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth Speaker

Get her a nice Bluetooth speaker to let her enjoy her favorite songs all day long without any buffering or ads. It is the perfect gift for the sisters who live by their music. With the speakers, both of you can sit together and listen to your favorite classics. The Bluetooth speakers are available in different sizes and features and thus, the choice should be based on the features that your sister can want the most in her speakers.



Headphones are great to let her enjoy her music alone without any outside noise disturbing her peace. The modern headphones offer so much clarity of voice that it is a delight to use them. Your sister won’t be able to thank you enough for the lovely gesture. With so many colors available, you can get one in her favorite shade.

 Fitbit activity tracker

Fitbit Activity Tracker

Girls who are heavily into gym and fitness would love to get Fitbit as a gift. If your sister is someone whose day does not begin well till she has had her morning exercise, then this wearable tech would prove super useful to her. Fitbit will tell her about her heart rate, daily calories lost, and so on and thus, prove to be the perfect partner to her on her fitness journey.

 Daily Planner

Daily Planner

A journal or planner is for the sister who is super organized about all the things that she does throughout the day. It is also good to give to the sister who is way too forgetful to keep it all in her mind. Let her plan it all out, from her daily routine to her fitness plan, every day in the planner to make her always keep track of every day in her life.



Showpieces are timeless gifts that are perfect to adorn the room of your sister. You can get them in all shapes, sizes, and designs and it is best to get one that signifies the auspicious occasion of Rakhi. Gift her a showpiece that is symbolic of the bond of a brother and sister. Get something that goes with the overall décor of the room. It will remind her of you when you are staying away from home.



Dress and girls go hand in hand. Girls are very fond of clothing, and the fact is it gives them the ultimate pleasure and perhaps bring a smile on their face. Look at the category of dresses that are available Online and match with what your sister likes.


The Alchemist Book

Is your sister, fond of books? If, yes, then you should present this as a Rakhi gift to her. You could either give an Alchemist or fiction to her as according to what she likes.


Hair Clips at Rs. 275/-

Metal Hair Pin at Rs. 599/-

Accessories play an essential part in our life. On the occasion of Rakhi office, school and college accessories could be an ideal gift, and you should give a thought to buying this gift.




Does your sister love Mobile phones? Is she fond of a Camera? If, yes, then give this a gift to your sister and make her happy by bringing a smile on her face.



Nova hear dryer at Rs. 379/-

It is usually seen that girls are fond of Electronics beauty items such as a Hair Iron, or perhaps a hairdryer. You can ideally lookout for a list of Electronics based beauty items and then you could choose the best among that.

Bags and wallet

If your sister is a connoisseur of fashion then gifting her a branded purse can be the best rakhi gift for the sisters. A peach bag would be a great item for your sister this Raksha Bandhan, gifting her this can surely take your relationship with her to a new level. Raksha Bandhan is a special day for you as well as your sister, make the best of this pious day with a great & attractive Purse.

Branded Handbag

Pink Clutch

Bags and purses look elegant and beautiful for girls. They come up with various designs and colors, and this could be the perfect gift to make your sister happy.

Designer Apparel

Apparel as a gift has become a Rakhi tradition these days, especially Designer apparel that your sister might not buy. Various kinds of stylish suits, casual wear, and colorful saris will make your sister happy. Treat your sister as a special girl by giving her silk sari, embellished Anarkali, eye-catching tunic, and perhaps an elegant flowing dress of her favorite color.

Wind chimes

Wind chimes

Wind Chimes are ideally perfect gifts that you can present to your sister. The beautiful sound of Wind chimes will remind her of you and would share a bond between the brother and a sister.


Premium Perfume

Girls love perfumes, and in fact, the smell of perfumes is pretty good without any doubt. There is a various range of fragrances to choose from, and you can gift the one your sister loves the most.

Lamp shades

Wall Lamp

Lamp Decorative For Home Decor



Jewelry box

Girls are very much fond of makeup, and Jewelry boxes would be the perfect place where they could keep the makeup items. They come up with a classic and traditional designs to choose from.



If your sister is in love with fashionable shoes, then you should gift her pair of stilettos. They come in trendy designs and different colors.



Sunglasses are considered as the crush of girls nowadays. Sunglasses are available in different designs such as cat-eye, aviator to name a few. Select a Sunglasses shade that your sister loves the most.


If you have a married sister, then without any doubt the best gift you can give to her is Cutlery. She could use this gift if she is a homemaker and this gift would remind her about you.

Shopping vouchers

Shopping Voucher

We very well know that girls are shopping freaks and gifting your sister with Shopping vouchers will make her jump for joy. You could give her hampers or gift vouchers so that she could buy clothes of her choice. Furthermore, take out some time and go out for shopping with her. That little moment of happiness would be cherished forever.

Musical instruments

Mouth Organ


Girls are very fond of music, and musical instruments could be one of the Rakhi gifts that you can give to your sister. You could gift her guitar or perhaps a violin as per her choice.

Spa Bucket

Spa Bucket

Girls on special occasions love to look good and perhaps gifting her Spa Bucket will indeed be a memorable Rakhi gift for your sister. This gift is a special way to thank her and cherish the moments that you have spent together.

Personalized Keychains

Key Chain

The appeal of personalised gifts is unmatched when it comes to love and affection. You can consider buying a personalised key chain for your beautiful sister this Raksha Bandhan. The Keychain can be your best pick and may be regarded as the best Rakhi gifts for married sisters. Gift your sister a personalised key chain blended with your love, protection, and affection.

I Love My Sister Frames

I Love My Sister Frame

Gift an I love my sister printed frame on this Raksha Bandhan to your sister. Make her day special by making her feel loved. The frame encapsulates beautiful design and appealing colors. Your sister will surely love it, the frame is available for cheap on various websites. You can easily pick one of Rs. 499.

Nail Polish Sets

Nail Polish

Gift your sister an exuberant set of premium Nail polish, the gift can be the best way to make your sister feel special on this auspicious Raksha Bandhan. Nail Polish sets deserve a proud mention amidst the Rakhi gifts for sisters.

We are sure by now you would have an idea of what you want to gift your sister.

If you are a girl reading this blog and are looking to buy Rakhi, then you can buy them online on halfcute.com. You can Order Rakhi Online over here, and you would be provided with a lot of options to choose from. You would be given incredible discounts on the occasion of Rakhi.

We have listed few rakhis below, do check them out and Happy Raksha Bandhan.

Stone Rakhi

Rakshabandhan is a festival of celebrating and honoring sibling love. Tie this beautiful rakhi to our brother on Raksha Bandhan and strengthen the bond you share.

Ganesh Divine Rakhi

Strengthen the bond between you and your brother with the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Get this cute orange and Golden Ganesha Rakhi for this auspicious Raksha Bandhan.

Handcrafted Golden Rakhi

This Handcrafted Golden Rakhi with divine symbols will add happiness to your Raksha Bandhan celebrations.

Bhai Rakhi

Celebrate the emotional bonding between you and your brother by tying this holy thread with Bhai written on it. Tie your brother this wonderful and fabulous looking rakhi this Rakshabandhan and express your love in the most amazing way.

Bhayya Bhabhi Lumba Rakhi

If your brother is married then you would have a lovely Bhabhi to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with. Share this beautiful Bhayya Bhabhi Lumba Rakhi with your sister in law / married sister to make your relationship stronger.

Lumba Rakhi is for sisters-in-law or ‘bhabhi.’ You can tie this rakhi on the wrist of your sisters-in-law to symbolize the strength of your bond. This special fancy handmade Lumba rakhi for your bhabhi is the best gift you could think of for this Raksha Bandhan. Buy Lamba rakhi online at HalfCute and get it delivered in your scheduled time and place.

Order a Lumba rakhi now and make your Raksha Bandhan celebrations memorable for your Bhaiya and Bhabhi.

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