Trending Barbie Cake Designs for Birthday in 2022

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Barbies have been one of the most loved toys among kids since decades. It has been in the limelight for many generations and is still loved in the same way. There are countless barbie merchandise available in the market that is one of the most selected gift ideas to surprise a kid. If you have a little barbie fan in your house, then surprise them with the most trending barbie cake designs for birthdays in 2020. We are sure your kid is going to absolutely love this surprise and cherish it all his/her life. At HalfCute, we have a huge variety of barbie cake designs as there are so many kinds of barbie dolls in the market. A barbie cake for your kid’s birthday would be such a perfect choice. Barbie dolls are not just a doll kids play with, they are a fashion royalty and their fashion is truly iconic. We make sure we present you with the most fashionable Barbie dolls so that your child would be in awe of the special cake all through his/her special day. So if your kid’s birthday is around the corner, then check out our collection of Barbie theme cake and thank us later!

Princess Barbie Cake

Princess movies are a big part of everyone’s childhood. There are so many movies on barbies where they are princesses and that just is every kid’s favourite movie of all time. You must also relate to that as barbie princess movies have been a part of existence since decades. Whenever an adult sees a barbie doll or watches a barbie princess movie, it is just a rollercoaster of nostalgia for them. If your kid loves watching barbie princess movies then you have to surprise him/her with a beautiful princess barbie cake designs that will definitely blow their mind. A cake is every party’s centre of attraction, especially in a party full of kids. A pretty princess barbie cake would just lighten up your party in the most wonderful way. If you get the princess barbie cake, the party is going to be in all the kid’s minds for a long long time!

Chocolate Barbie Doll Cake

Chocolate cakes are a classic choice of cakes for most people. Chocolate is one of those flavours that is loved by all. So when you are having a get-together party you would want to get a cake that would make everyone happy. There are many kids that collect barbies with a lot of interest and effort. Their Barbie collection is their pride for half of their childhood. Any guest comes, any friend comes home, the first thing a barbie enthusiast would do is show their awesome barbie doll collection. If you have a barbie fan in your house, then make him/her the happiest with our amazing chocolate barbie doll cake. Trust us, you are going to make your kid really happy. Afterall barbie dolls are super iconic characters that have been a part of our lives for decades. So it is obvious that they are so loved and popular among kids. A barbie cake in the best cake flavour, that is chocolate, would be the biggest surprise to any kid. So hurry up and check out HalfCute for the best chocolate barbie doll cakes now!

Barbie Doll Flat Cake

Usually, barbie doll cakes are super extravagant, tall and made with a lot of designs. As barbies are famous fashion icons, designing their dress is one of the most difficult jobs that is done great. But you wouldn’t want an extravagant cake for all occasions or you might not want to spend so much money on a cake. In any of these cases, we have the perfect choice of cake for you, available at the most affordable price. Check out the yummy barbie doll flat cakes that are still barbie cakes but are much simpler and much affordable. We have a variety of barbie doll flat cakes that come in different designs, colours and most importantly, flavours. Choose from a variety of flavours to impress the little barbie fan at home. So hurry up and check out our amazing collection of barbie doll flat cakes that are super simple and super affordable for any occasion. 

Barbie Fondant Cake

Fondant cakes are those perfectly designed cakes that look very clean and professional. It’s not like the regular cake you get around you. They have a shiny surface that just makes the cake look so stunning. If you are an extravagant person, then you would love to have a fondant cake as part of your surprise to a loved one. If you want a fondant cake to surprise a kid, then the barbie fondant cake is a perfect choice for your requirement. Fondant cakes are perfect for special occasions, because these cakes look extra special. They are an absolute treat to the eye and will surely catch everyone’s attention in the party. All the kids will be so impressed with such a beautiful cake that you will surely feel the worth of buying this cake for your special occasion. So what are you waiting for, check out all the amazing barbie fondant cakes available at HalfCute and make your kid’s special day the most memorable. 

Pink Barbie Doll Cake

Pink barbies are the most popular ones among all the other barbie dolls. There are a variety of pink barbie dolls that look so adorable and fashionable. Pink barbie dolls are also the most commonly available barbie dolls. If you have a kid at home, you must have a pink barbie doll sitting somewhere in the house. Well, what would be the best surprise for a barbie fan? Let us guess, a beautiful, delicious and mind blowing pink barbie doll cake surprise. Yes you read that right! Get a pink barbie doll cake for your kid’s birthday and you are going to love their reaction to the surprise. As a parent, you would do anything to bring a smile to your child‘s face. This is a simple way of doing the same. So what are you waiting for, check out the most amazing collection of pink barbie doll cakes that will make your kid fall in love with the surprise. Visit HalfCute and browse through a variety of barbie cakes in all colours and flavours now! 


Barbie dolls are one such franchise that has been a part of every household with kids. It is not very easy to be everyone’s favourite but barbie dolls are without a doubt a prized possession for every kid. We are happy to let you know that we have a huge variety of delicious barbie doll cakes that will be a perfect idea to surprise your child. All you need to do is, visit HalfCute, select the perfect online cake for your occasion and place the order. Enjoy our hassle online cake delivery in Bangalore. and order your favourite cakes from us with just a few clicks. We also offer same day delivery that will help you plan a party in no time. So if you are looking for a barbie cake designs then HalfCute is the place for you! 

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