Boston Fern – Nephrolepis Exaltata

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Boston fern is an incredibly popular houseplant known for its lush foliage and feathery ferns. Its air-purifying abilities which are off the charts and ease of care make it a perfect choice for sprucing up the indoor decor!

The ferns not only purify the air quality but also regulates the humidity level by restoring moisture to the air naturally, giving a soothing effect. Due to the fact that it’s relatively cheap and easy to grow, it’s a great starter fern for people who enjoy effortless luxuriant growth. Best displayed when hanging, Boston ferns are the oldest plant on the earth, older than all the flower-bearing plants!

Common name: Boston fern, sword fern

Scientific name: Nephrolepis exaltata

Size: 1-3 feet tall and 2-3 ft wide

Maintenance: Care required

Toxicity: Nontoxic to pets and humans

Where to keep the plant: An outside porch or any sunlit area inside your home

Care Guide

Water: Daily, or once every two days. Boston fern requires water, do not let it sit in dry soil. This may mean watering once or twice a day in hot climates. The soil should remain damp.

Light: Indirect. Boston ferns thrive in lots of indirect light, thus making the perfect plants for your porch. The morning sun is ideal, as full afternoon sun can burn the fronds.

Soil: Porous medium. Ferns prefer potting soil with good drainage and high organic content. A potting mix should have peat moss or clayey texture for moisture retention, sand, or gravel for drainage. You can also put tiny pebbles for optimum drainage.

Humidity: Moderate. Boston fern grown indoors prefers moderate humidity; in dry environments, it should be frequently misted once or twice a week to help it get the humidity it needs.

Food: Occasionally, only in summers. You may skip fertilizing if your plant is in the ground.

Propagation: Division. Boston ferns are very easy plants to propagate—simply divide the plant while repotting in the spring. Even very small divisions will root if care is taken with them (meaning plenty of warmth and humidity). Make sure each division has a section of healthy roots.


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