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About Axta Designs

Axta Designs is my childhood hobby, now converted into my adulthood passion & enterprise. I remember as a child, when I had just learnt alphabets, I used to do draw human figures & name each one of them. The naming here meant, whatever random letters that came to my mind & then try to pronounce it as a word. Some names made sense,while others were just absurd blabbering. But that activity was my idea of fun. as I grew up, I started making personalised greeting cards on birthdays or festive occasions for friends & family. and their appreciation for the art was a real motivator. What started as doodling to pass time, turned into an idea to bring a variety of merchandise products with quirky ideas that people can relate to.This led to be birth of Axta Designs in 2018 and I am now into almost an year of adding funky designs & bright colours into people's lives...