About Us

About Go Desi

We are GO DESi and want to inspire you to, what do you think, GO DESi :) By bringing you forgotten, authentic, traditional delicacies made with love and care in small rural kitchens. By The idea for GO DESi began taking shape while on a trek on the beautiful pristine Western Ghats. We had just descended from the misty benevolent mountains, tired and famished, and we stopped at the first tapri (small shop) we stumbled upon, and there we tasted the yummiest Jackfruit bars. Next thing we know, we are at a flea market selling local produce from all over North Karnataka. We lugged 20kg backpacks from our road trip full of local produce and we sold out on Day 1 of a 3-day flea market. Since then, we have introduced 6 DESi products, sourced from rural micro-enterprises, respecting local wisdom and traditions with one single aim: to take you back to your roots.