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About Hide & Skin

The Leather industry in India accounts for around 12.9% of the world’s leather production of hides/skins and handles a robust annual production of about 3 bn sq. ft. of leather. The country accounts for 9% of the world’s footwear production. The industry is known for its consistency in high export earnings and it is among the top ten foreign exchange earners for the country. HIDE & SKIN is a brand of LEATHER N LEATHER, established in the year 1999.Its a 4th Generation company giving us the expertise and experience in the industry of Leather products. Producing 30,000 wallets, 10,000 bags and more than a million sq ft. of finished leather every month and growing. Leather N Leather is one of the leading organisations in the industry. A state of art tannery and production unit gives us an advantage to produce high quality products and still being economical. HIDE & SKIN provides its customers with best quality products. Every HIDE & SKIN product has an elegant design, perfect size with a luxurious feel and good quality threading work to keep up with consistent and long term use. All our products are made from genuine leather which are imported as raw from all over the world and is processed in our own tannery and is handcrafted in Kolkata, India. All our leathers are unique and cannot be copied. When you hold any HIDE & SKIN product you can feel the difference between HIDE & SKIN and other brand products. Our product will give you luxurious and premium feel when you hold it. Our skilled workers handcraft all products in our factories using first grade materials, under personal supervision & strict quality checking at all manufacturing stages for total quality assurance & timely deliveries. Our commitment towards our work is something that we are known for.