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Kiru is a food production company making millet based snacks. Our mission is to make good and healthy millet food available for everyone. The company was founded in 2014 with a world class manufacturing facility in Thenkahalli, Malavalli in Mandya district, Karnataka, India, with corporate office in Bangalore. The idea of Kiru is to provide healthy food made from locally sourced millet and from the hands of the farmers. Kiru follows sustainability to the core in all practices. Sustainability in terms of production and delivery processes, economic and environmental sustainability. Kiru envisions to create healthy snacking habits among its consumers. Creating awareness on consuming millet as a staple food and including it as a part of the daily dietary habits is one of our objective. Kiru at its core is a farmer backed company. From growing millet and other ingredients required for our products, to manufacturing and packaging them all is the effort of the farmers. From performing research to create highly nutritious products and to testing and ensuring that the products are of world-class standards is the effort of the farmers. Kiru emnates this Farmer identity.