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About Us

About Mo's Bakery

A first of its kind home bakery in Delhi, Mo’s creates petite cookies with unique flavours & natural ingredients to surprise its customers. Special care goes into selecting the raw ingredients we use: natural rock salt from the Himalayas, fresh lemons and rosemary from our little Kitchen Garden. The Founder of Mo’s cookies took inspiration from her time in cities like Paris, Edinburgh & Pondicherry experiencing amazing culinary treats such as croissants, pies, scones, ice creams and macarons. These tiny indulgent treats led her to fall in love with baking breads, cookies, scones and the likes. Mo’s journey began in a test kitchen at home in 2016 where we tried to make a cookie which was different in size and well rounded in taste: sweet, sour and salted. Our initial audience included friends and family who gave very reassuring feedback on the experience. This compelled us to tirelessly work over the next few months to refine our cookie recipe. The ball started rolling with a few customized wedding orders, where our cookies became the talk of the town. What connected us with the people is our shared love & curiosity for food. Soon enough, more people wanted to try our cookie jars and play a part in recommending new flavours, which made us excited about the idea of petite cookies made with big bold flavours. With a lot of support from our friends and family, now Mo’s cookies are up for grabs all over India at the click of a button. At Mo’s our mission is to incorporate unusual yet delightful natural flavours into our cookies. We aim to create a delicious and premium product. For this reason, our cookies are prepared in small batches and carefully hand-piped to ensure we provide the most satisfying experience to our consumers.