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About Motias

Motia’s bring to you a unique collection of Nutriditional Homemade Ladoos, Menu includes Healthy Ready-To-Eat –Mix, Homemade Masalas too. Each product is prepared fresh on order.We do not use any preservatives or artificial flavours. Motia’s Nutlads and Ready-To-Eat Mix are good healthy snacks for kids which provides loads of nutritious ingredients and at the same time are easily digestible and good for health. The key motivator to start the “Motia’s” business is our son. Like all kids, he is a very fussy eater and breakfast was always one stressful regime. Even when he used to do all the drama of no breakfast, one Nutlad with glass of milk/juice or one bowl of our Ready-To-Eat -Millet Mix sufficed to take care of providing morning energy need. We came up with this thought of sharing this nutritious option of healthy short break snacks for all age groups. One Nutlad or one bowl of Healthy Mix with a cup of milk or Glass of Juice will serve as food that give you energy or short break/mid-meal snack. Nutlads and Ready-To-Eat Mixes are Jam-Packed with the best good-for-you ingredients Millets/Wheat, Desi Cow Ghee and Dried Fruits like Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, and Raisins. Please make the practise of traditional food gifts