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About Narciss

**THE SEARCH FOR ZERO SUGAR CHOCOLATE** The Narciss D?lite range was born when our love for chocolate met our endeavour to lead healthier lives. We knew dark chocolates had a range of health benefits, but realized that the high sugar content in them overshadow the benefits. So, we started our search for good **sugar-free dark chocolates**. We found either ?compound? chocolates that used vegetable oil rather than cocoa butter, or the 'good but overpriced' ones. **THE BIRTH OF NARCISS D'LITE** We set out to create a chocolate that was healthy, affordable and of course, delicious! The D?lite chocolate range is dedicated to the calorie conscious chocolate lovers. Our chocolates are made using 100% pure cocoa butter, that?s the reason why a D?lite literally melts in your mouth. We do not use cheap hydrogenated vegetable fats. We also debated about the cocoa percentage. Higher the percentage, more bitter the chocolate. We wanted something that was perfect for us as Indians ? not too bitter, not too sweet. The 55% cocoa content in the D?lite range makes it a perfect chocolate. We ensured our chocolates had no added sugar. **CREATED BY HAND** The journey of a chocolate (after it is made) is long ? from production to packaging to warehousing to shipment to warehousing to the store, where finally you pick it up. Like everything else, we also wanted to keep our chocolates fresh because we knew that a fresh chocolate just melts in your mouth. So, the D?lite chocolate range is hand crafted in small batches by our expert chocolatiers. What you get is as fresh as possible. Our production happens in small batches; no bulk production for us.