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My girlfriend is crazy for TEDDIES… So, this birthday, what could be a better gift for her than a cute, little teddy bear cake? I decided to buy cute and lovable teddy bear cake to present her with the flowers. Researching each company, going through their web pages, seeing the items they have available, I came across CakeZone that was offering something very exciting. Their Teddy Licious Combo was something that made me look no further. The combo included a Bears Heart Cake, 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher Pack, a Red Rose together with 5 Small Dairy Milk. Combining all this stuff created a romantic gift that could delight any female, particularly a woman who just adores teddy bears. You can also customize your cake as well as I did by including a special teddy bear with all those stuff. Well, all these efforts turned out to be very, very successful as she became more than happy and said: “Why don't you marry me?” LOL… All credit goes to CAKESZONE!!
Pampering the new mom is another way to welcome a new baby. The pampering can be done in one of the several ways to make her feel better. In my case, I did this with the help of the best cake and flower delivery in Bangalore – CakeZone. While organizing for the party, the Teddy-Licious Combo from CakeZone helped me to create an ideal fun baby theme. For my new born daughter, this turned out to be an intimate message from her dad. At the same time, my wife loved it as she considered it to be quite a romantic gesture. Taking everything into account, this was a huge success. Cheers CakeZone!!!
I had ordered this cake for my three year old son. The moment he saw the cake he was delighted with joy and was so happy to see his Chota Bheem. Coming to the taste of the cake, the butterscotch flavour that I had ordered was great. The cake was absolutely fresh and was delivered well before time. Loved the whole experience!
Being a child specialist, I have opened a small hospital for the needy people. One of the patients, a 3-year-old boy is suffering severely and he badly wanted to cut a cake on his birthday. My staff and I decided to make his wish come true but needed it on the same day. As I stay busy, I clicked on the same day delivery option and we ordered the choota bheem cake from your collection. He truly enjoyed having the cake and it really meant a lot to him. Keep on producing such amazing cakes.
I had ordered this cake on my younger sister's birthday and it was simply indulgent. The colours were bright and lovely and Doraemon looked so real that initially she said she does not want to cut the cake for she loved Doraemon. The taste of the cake was also good with tit bits of fruits in it. The delivery was perfect and on time. I love the way they did the packing because when I received the cake it was in the best state.
My wife loves chocolates. My refrigerator is always filled with luxurious chocolates and different pastries. Recently, she discovered cakezone which is basically a cake ordering website. It has a huge variety of cakes and the flavours are so unique that you couldn't resist yourself in trying them. It also has chocolates and chocolate boxes and other add-ons which makes the website even more great. My wife has ordered 10 boxes of Ferrero Rocher and other chocolates already. I would say this ordering website truly delivers one of the best Premium chocolates in Hyderabad. Keep up the good work.
I don't live in India but my parents do. I belong to Hyderabad. It was my dad's birthday and I have not attended any of his birthday parties lately. My dad was disappointed as I was unable to make it to his birthday party once again. I decided to cheer him up. I was looking for an online joint of flower and cake delivery in Hyderabad. I found cakezone and finally ordered a red velvet cake and 12 yellow roses bouquet. The bunch of flowers looked very pretty. It was a midnight delivery. The order got delivered on time. I got a call from the delivery executive before the delivery. And then I got a call from my dad after the delivery. He seemed quite happy. I was a bit relieved to see him happy. Thank you cakezone for making my life simple and easy.
Cakezone chocolates are so good. If you have not tried their chocolates, you have not had good chocolates in the city. The dark chocolate is amazing, very dense, rich and thick. Fruits and nuts will make you go crazy along with caramel layer. They are seriously addictive and goes straight to the thighs. Really fast service and well packaged in the beautiful shimmering boxes.
Who doesn't love a box of chocolates on any occasion? It is one of those classic gifts that works for almost anyone. Whether as a little token gift of thanks to a friend, or as an accompaniment to a larger present for a loved one, you generally can't go wrong with chocolates. I love chocolates all year round, but in Raksha Bandhan there is something so nice about receiving a proper box of chocolates. I received a huge box of chocolates from my brother who bought it online from Cakezone. I couldn't express in words how lovely their dark and white chocolates were, full of caramel and crunch with fruits and nuts inside. If you also want to send chocolates to your family or friend then contact Cakezone without giving any second thought.
It was the occasion of our 2nd marriage anniversary. I gifted my wife a beautiful thing. But she at that very moment wanted to have some chocolates. I was very tired to bring something for her from the market. So she decided to order the chocolates online. Her friends suggested to opt for Cakezone. She said me to order the chocolates online. As it was our anniversary I ordered this mini heart chocolate box. I have heard they offer premium chocolates in pune and same day delivery. But it turned out to be more surprising when they delivered the chocolates within 3 hours. The taste of the chocolates were so good. My wife loved the chocolates very much. The decor of the chocolate gift box was also very attractive. You made our day by this commendable chocolates.
My little sister loves chocolates specially the crunchy ones. This time she wanted to have some special chocolates; the luxuriously decorated one. As her exams were knocking at the door she was unable to visit the market and buy of her choice. I decided to order online so that she could choose the chocolate of her choice. I have heard about Cakezone. So I ordered this crunchy chocolates as my sister liked the decor of the box. I received the chocolates within 2 hours. The box was looking very beautiful and elegant. I opened the box and chocolates were on their respective brackets without any displacements. My sister tasted the chocolates and they were delicious. She just loved it. We liked the chocolates very much.
One of the most efficient websites for ordering online flowers and cakes in Hyderabad. This website has made online flower delivery in Hyderabad so easy and quick. I ordered 20 pink roses paper back for my mom recently and I got it delivered at midnight. The order was placed successfully and the delivery was prompt. The flowers were fresh and delivered in a very good condition. Everything went well with cakezone and the service was also very good. I encourage team Cakezone as it is a budding venture in India and is available only in 3 cities. Really wish that it expands and grows. All the best team CakeZone.
It was the occasion of my cousin's house warming ceremony. I was confused what to gift her. Usually I buy gift items online so that I don't have to carry the hassle all the way from the store to the house. Online delivery usually takes 3 to 4 days but this time I had no such time in hand as the invitation came on a short notice. I decided to gift her flowers so I researched about what is the best online store to deliver flowers on the same day. My search stopped at Cakezone. In here they were committing to deliver fresh flowers on the same day, so I ordered this 12 Yellow Roses. I ordered this 12 yellow roses because the color of yellow signifies prosperity which is a perfect gift for the occasion. I placed the order and was expecting to receive good quality flowers . What I received was beyond my expectations. The flowers were really good and the decoration was also nice. The packaging was very good. Everyone loved the flowers. Thank you.
I wanted to have a designer cake for my nephew, his birthday was last week. He is very adorable and loves watching Doraemon. So, I wanted a Doraemon cake. I know about CakeZone from one of my friend's birthday party so I went to their website for a look and they have so many birthday cake delivery in Hyderabad options. I placed my Doraemon cake order there and they delivered the cake on time along with birthday candles, caps, chocolates. My nephew loved the decorative items and was delighted to see his favorite cartoon on the cake. Love you CakeZone for amazing service.
On her last B'day at 25th January my only son make a demand of Chota Bheem cake as he is just in love with the character. I became frustrated in searching, and my joy knows no bound, when I found this website and noticed a Chota Bheem cake here in cake zone. It looks very nice with a rich chocolate yummy taste. My son and his friends just finish the cake within few second. Many many thanks cake zone, they saved my time with quick delivery and prompt service


Children's Day Celebration

Childhood is the best time of anyone's life, as during this particular span of time we enjoy life to the fullest. Children’s Day is celebrated in India every year with great enthusiasm on the 14th of November. It is celebrated by the teachers and students in the schools with great passion and excitement. In this day school organise lots of events and activities for the kids and they celebrate it with distributing gifts and chocolates. On this Day school buildings get decorated with attractive paints, colourful balloons and other decorative materials.

Buy Children's Day Gift Online

When it comes to celebrating this beautiful day with your adorable children, it is really important to buy the best children's day gift for your kids. Gifts are what make children really happy. The idea behind CakeZone stemmed from the inherent desire to bring a smile to each kid's face. One of the easiest ways to do that was to appeal to the sweet tooth and surprise them with exciting gifts. Gift show affection to the people that are loved and gifts are given for a reason. It also helps to bring people closer together. Providing a great gift to your kids on this Children’s Day make them laugh, jump up and down with excitement and want to run out and tell all their friends. Great gifts will make them feel special and appreciated. Shopping gifts for kids online aren’t necessarily an easy task. CakeZone is the perfect place to buy the excellent children's day gift online. We, at CakeZone, take an extra initiative to make this children's Day much more special. CakeZone has a wide range of toys like Kung-Fu Panda toys, Cute Teddy Bear Toys, Minion Toys etc and also you can present your kids with cartoon themed coffee mug and personalized mugs with their photos on it. CakeZone provides same-day delivery of all the gift items and cakes. So, you just have to visit us online and order your Kids favourite Gifts.

Buy Children’s Day Cake Online

CakeZone, the most popular online cake store in India gives you the best opportunity to find the best taste of Children’s cake from its wide range of delicious cakes, available in different flavours, sizes, and shapes. Make each moment of this Children’s Day much more special by selecting a perfect cake for the celebration. Children’s cake ideas at CakeZone add a lot of charms and colour to the party. Our highly skilled chefs with no doubt can prepare soft and multi-layered cakes for all occasions. Only premium ingredients are used to make cakes at CakeZone for all occasions. We have highly customizable and favourite cartoon character themed cakes like Minion, Mickey Mouse, Chotta Bheem, Doraemon, pokemon and many more. These cakes come in different shapes and flavours will surely make your little kid surprise and a lot happier. CakeZone have the option to customize your children's cake based on your preference and having the option to include your child's photo on it. A wide variety of cakes can choose from our online store and Retail outlet nearby and can order your cake online at CakeZone.

Buy Children’s Day Cupcake Online

Cupcakes are the most delicious treats for kids on every occasion. These are decorated with icing and frosting to make it appear attractive to kids. When it comes to celebrating this beautiful Children’s Day with your adorable Kids, it is really important to buy the best cupcakes for your kids. CakeZone is the perfect place to buy the excellent cupcakes online. We have highly customized cupcake designs like Unicorn Cupcakes, Assorted Cupcakes, Panda Cupcakes, Angry bird Cupcake and many more. These cakes come in different shapes and flavours will surely make your little kid surprise and a lot happier. CakeZone have the option to customize your children's Cupcake based on your preference and having the option to include your child's photo on it. CakeZone allows you to send children's Day cake to any given address all over India. Irrespective of the time you placed the order, the cake is baked just a couple of hours before and our midnight and same day delivery services will ship the cake in the time slot of your choice.

Buy Children’s Day Chocolates Online

Chocolates are known for its world-wide enticing aroma and delectable flavour. When we hear the word chocolate, comes to our mind of its rich taste and smooth texture of moulded chocolate bars and treats. Children are very much fond of chocolates. Children’s Day is also the ideal time to strengthen the bond between with the kids by sharing and distributing chocolates. CakeZone brings you a wide assortment of chocolates to infuse sweetness to the Children’s Day. We have wide varieties of chocolates gift boxes, chocolate hampers, Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, Cadbury Chocolates combos. If you want to convey your Children’s Day wishes, just check out our wide range of online chocolate gifts available on our website. CakeZone assures same day delivery of chocolates on major cities. And, in case you want to surprise your special Kids by sending chocolates at midnight or on a same day, you can avail our midnight delivery to execute your surprise plan.