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Very awsome
Very impressed by the quick response. Thankyou so much!
Everything just went well and cake was very good.
It was amazing with the delivery timing and the cost for the product
Cake wasn't delivered. Delay in issue of refund. Clueless customer support executives. No response from back end team. Team dosen't bother to call back as to what went wrong or any latest updates. Website shows cake prepared since 31st dec morning. Despatched for delivery on 4th jan. Finally updated as delivered on 5th Jan. I was trying to know refund status since 2and Jan. Still I haven't got any reliable response, further I have to call your team always and everytime some random executive comes on line who is clueless about order. Aren't your systems updated whenever customer raises complaint.
Good liked it
Smooth, good price point, no unpleasant surprises.
Beautiful cake,fresh and tasty.
Loved this
Ordered Fondant but recieved buttercream. Images and descriptions are misleading.
Nice cake
Everything was good except the rose bouquet. It looks so beautiful in the pic here but when I received it the roses were full and the bouquets was looking so bad as if it was a weeks old bouquet. This really disappointed me.
You fraudulent to me
Fresh flowers and Bouquet was nicely made :)
The product was awsm
The packaging was very good. Chocolates were in good condition.


What is Friendship Day?

Friends are people who stand with you through thick and thin, happiness and sorrow and all ups and downs. They may or may not be related to you by blood- it doesn't matter! Sometimes your sibling could be your best friend; for some people, the friends they made in college are meant to be cherished forever!

International friendship day is the day to celebrate this beautiful bond of friendship, to make your best friend feel special and loved. It is usually celebrated on the first Sunday of August, but Friendship Day 2020 is on 30th July. This means you get to express your love a little earlier, and Halfcute promises beautiful gifts to do so.

Create beautiful memories with your friend on friendship day by pampering your best friend: personalized gifts, chocolates, flowers, friendship day bands, and friendship day cakes. Halfcute offers customization for everything! We also provide easy online delivery, all you have to do is choose the best gift on our website to surprise your friends! With our beautiful happy friendship day cards, express your warmth and affection for your friends with meaningful words that touch your soul.


Halfcute allows you to customize cards, cakes, cups, and t-shirts. Bracelets, hampers, key rings, wallets, and chocolates- We offer a variety of wonderful and personalized gifts for you to bring joy and happiness to your friend. Friendship Day is a day for you and your best friend to celebrate your friendship, go all out! If your best friend is a foodie, our chocolates and cakes are perfect for them to relish.

Customized mugs, keychains, photo frames, T-shirts, and cups are something that will stay with your best friend forever. They will always remember you, no matter where they are. If you want to give a token of love meant to be cherished forever, select the most suitable gift, and we will deliver the box of memories and love with utmost care!


Strengthen your Bond with Friendship Band

With Friendship Day around the corner, it is the perfect time to express your love and affection for your best friend. Your sibling, parents, cousins, or the friend you met at your classes- anyone could be your best friend. A friend is the one who has been with you in your tears of joy and cries of pain. Who understands the sorrow behind your eyes and happiness behind your smile!

Usually celebrated on the first Sunday of August, friendship day this time is on 30th July. Make your loved ones feel cherished and happy this friendship day with HalfCute's beautiful gifts. Browse through our cakes, chocolates, cups, cards, keychains, and mugs on our website and leave it to us to deliver this best friendship day gift to your friend! We offer customization for our gifts, leaving a personal touch to reflect your warmth. You know your friend holds a dear place in your life, why not express it in a way that he/she forever remembers & cherishes?


Friendship bands for girls

Visit our website and go through a wide variety of appealing and enticing friendship bands for girls. A friendship band is a token of appreciation and shows the bond you share with your best friend. Customizable rubber duck wrists, pink floral wrist bands, and unicorn wristbands are all available. Personalization of gifts adds to the emotional attachment and serves as a memory to preserve forever.

Pretty bracelets with stones that are slightly expensive but expressive are like a treasure for your beloved friend. All you have to do is select the best band and leave the rest to us.


Friendship band for boys

Make your friend feel loved and cherished with Halfcute's amazing friendship bands. Our website has a variety of friendship bands for boys that can be customized. Multi-colored wristbands, space-themed wristbands, car-themed wristbands & a lot more! Halfcute promises that with our range of friendship bands, this friendship day will be even more memorable. Create wonderful memories with our friendship day gifts- from cups, wallets, t-shirts to cakes, and chocolates.


Friendship band online

Friendship day is meant for celebrating the beautiful bond of friendship you share with your beloved friends. Don't let distance hamper the celebrations! You and your best friend may be cities apart, but love and affection remain the same, right? Halfcute understands how important your friend is to you. With our amazing friendship day flowers, bands, keychains, cakes, cards, and mugs, become the reason for your friend's endless ecstasy this friendship day.

Order Friendship Day Greeting Cards Online

Celebrate the everlasting bond of warmth and affection that you share with your best friend this friendship day with HalfCute's amazing collection of happy friendship day cards. The gesture counts- even if you are miles apart from your best friend, make the most of the occasion to express your love and gratitude to the one who has always been there for you.

A best friend is anyone who understands and supports you through everything and anything. It could be your parents, your siblings, or someone who isn't even related to you by blood! Convey your love for your best friend with our friendship day cards for a best friend this friendship day, which is just a few days away! Words have the power to communicate emotions and feelings the way nothing else can. HalfCute is aware of the sentiments your words carry, and we promise our friendship day cards will capture the essence of your friendship. On HalfCute's website, there is a range of customized friendship day cards for you to choose from. Select a greeting card and customize it for your beloved friend. We promise to send it with love and warmth, to ensure the feelings behind the greeting card are conveyed. Don't let distance dampen the spirit of friendship day! Order friendship day greeting cards online with HalfCute and celebrate this day by creating beautiful memories for your best friend with these 


We know you have lots to say to your friend, and our beautifully crafted messages will help you express your feelings. Pair an amazing greeting card with a band or a customized friendship day gift to become the reason for your friend's happiness this friendship day. Our greeting cards are for all your friends- the closest ones that you can't live without or the ones who have, at some point, played an important role in your life. Halfcute has the perfect messages written for every friend. You just have to select the one that suits your friend the most, and we will happily deliver it for you.


Best Friendship Day Gifts

Friendship day is a day to acknowledge the special relationship you and your best friend have, a relationship that signifies trust. While it is usually celebrated on the first Sunday of August, in 2020, we will be celebrating it on 30th July. It is a day to celebrate and cherish a bond formed on trust, care, and understanding. Friends are precious, they may not be family by blood, but the ones who always got your back, they are true friends. And we know how special this bond is. HalfCute offers customized keychains, cups, mugs, and t-shirts for expressing your affection. We also offer cupcakes, cakes, and chocolates especially made for the occasion of friendship day. You can choose the perfect gift for your best friend from our website, and we promise to deliver it carefully. Give your gift a personal touch and enhance its value.


Some of the most memorable friendship day gifts for best friends include a heartfelt greeting card, chocolates, and cakes of your best friend's taste and customized mugs & keychains. If your closest friend is your better half, we have lovely friendship day gifts for your better half too! Make your spouse feel the value they hold in your life with our greeting cards, bracelets, wallets, and photo frames.


Halfcute offers the perfect friendship day gifts for husbands, conveying how precious he is through our lovely gifts. Make him happy and content this friendship day, by making him realize he is the best friend and family in your life. If you are looking to surprise your wife, browse through our friendship day gifts for wife collection. Friendship Day Gifts for Girlfriend, Friendship Day Gifts for Boyfriend we offer everything!


The best part is, you don't have to worry about anything except selecting the gift. Getting it delivered is our responsibility! With our customization option, your gifts can become even more meaningful. Make your best friend and family feel loved and cherished. Friendship day is meant for creating memories that you can cherish forever, and unique friendship day gifts just add to a beautiful memory.


Halfcute promises that all our gifts will bring a smile on your friend's face. What are you waiting for? Go through our collection of mugs, wallets, key chains, bracelets, chocolates, and cakes, and choose your best friendship day gift today. Don't forget to customize it and pair it with a card and friendship band. There isn't much time left for friendship day!

Unique & Special Gifts for Friendship Day

Make your friends feel special and value this friendship day with HalfCute's friendship day personalized gifts. Friendship day is all about acknowledging the bond you share with your friends. A bond of trust and understanding, of warmth and love. It's a day to express your gratitude towards the ones who have played an important role in your life. Celebrate the existence of people who have been with you through thick and thin, in happiness and sorrow. Keychains, chocolates, cakes, perfumes, bracelets, cards, wristbands, cups, and photo frames, we have a huge variety of wonderful gifts to choose from.


If you want to make the day even more special for your friend goes for customized gifts! Personalized doodle bottle lamp, personalized picture cushion, personalized mugs, and photo frames are a wonderful way of conveying the love and affection you have for your best friend. Some more unique friendship gifts include pretty accessories, a bouquet of beautiful flowers, and cute cupcakes that can lighten up your friend's day. Browse through Halfcute's unique gift collection and choose the perfect friendship day gift your friends will appreciate and cherish the most. We will deliver the box of happiness to your friend with the utmost care. Pairing your friendship day gifts with a heartfelt greeting card enhances the message you wish to convey!

All you have to do is browse through our website and choose the friendship band your best friend will admire the most. Leave the rest to Halfcute! We'll deliver this precious friendship day gift with our heart, ensuring the sentiment reaches your dear friend. Friendship day is the perfect occasion to convey your fondness for the ones who have been there for you always, who have stood by you, laughed at & with you, created memories with you & even yelled at you when you went wrong. Make the most of this day by gifting your friends the best. It's important to communicate your love, irrespective of the physical distance!

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