Ganesh chaturthi
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Ganesh Chaturthi

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What is Ganesh Chaturthi?

Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi is celebrated on Shukla Paksha on Chaturthi, a month after Raksha Bandhan. This festival is celebrated to revere the birth of Lord Ganesha. The Laxmi and Ganapati deities are invoked on this auspicious day. The celebrations last ten days each year. People wear unique dresses on this day. Ganesh idols are also present in large numbers in the streets and temples, which symbolize the worship of the Lord Ganesha. On the tenth day of Ganesh Chaturthi, the idols are immersed in the river, sea or any water body which is celebrated as Ganesh visarjan. There are many different types of statues that are available in the market, like the one made of plaster of Paris. But with an increase in global warming and pollution, there is huge demand and usage of eco-friendly clay Ganesha idols to prevent pollution.

The most common offerings made to Ganapati during the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration include sweets made of honey, butter, coconut, raisins, dried fruits, ghee, milk, and jaggery.

On this special occasion, gifting Ganesha idols is considered as the good omen both for the sender and receiver. With HalfCute, it is absolutely easy to send Ganesh Chaturthi gifts to your friends and family at the best prices. Ganesha idols are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs. In addition to the normal Ganesh Chaturthi idols, there are other gifts such as sweets, laddoos, cards, Ganesha Mugs, and due to an increase in health consciousness you can even order immunity food to be strong like Ganesha.  which are made from silk, jute, and cloth with gold and silver threads. These Ganesha gifts are much more expensive than the original ones because of the quality of the material.

Ganesh Chaturthi festival is more of a children's festival. For the children, Ganesha is very much important since he symbolizes strength, perseverance, and endurance. Ganesh Chaturthi gifts make excellent Ganesha Chaturthi celebrations for children and also symbolizes their strong faith in the Lord Ganesha. Ganesh is the main deity of Hinduism, and his blessings and protection will surely bring prosperity, happiness, and success in life. This festival is incomplete without sweets. But if you have elderly family members, you don’t need to stop celebrating with sweets. HalfCute has brought you the best sugar-free sweets and sugar-free chocolates for your family members which you can get delivered online at your doorstep.