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My girlfriend was upset with me over something and I tried what not to uplift her mood. I am a loyal CakeZone customer and familiar with their cakes and flowers delivery in Hyderabad options. I placed a heart shape red velvet cake order with my girlfriend's name written on it along with a Cadbury chocolate set and some beautiful looking flowers. CakeZone, as usual, did not disappoint me and delivered the cake on time. My girlfriend called me last night and we talked for a while, everything is sorted out. Cake can mend distances. as far the taste is concerned, CakeZone never compromises on the quality, they are the best in business.
We were new in Bangalore and don't know from where to buy a cake for our anniversary, then a friend of mine told me about the online cake delivery in Bangalore. I reached to the cakezone website and ordered a red velvet heart cake on my 1st anniversary. We were surprised to see that a midnight cake delivery service available in Banglore. The cake was delivered perfectly. I and my husband were very happy to see the packing and decorations. We indulged with the service of the best cake delivery in Bangalore.
I always love to give surprise gift. On the special event of my parent's 50th wedding anniversary; I order the Red Velvet heart cake to reach midnight. Cake zone has an extensive delivery network, that really works for me to make my parents surprise when the cake arrived with a ting-tong calling bell sound just 2 min before 12. Thanks, cake zone. I am your big fan.
I always order cake online to save time. Now CakeZone has made it easier to order through their website. I can choose from the wide variety. The last order I gave seven days ago online, to celebrate my friend's bachelor's party. I order one chocolate Oreo and six red velvet cupcakes. Everyone fall in love with the taste and the cake decoration. Their fast delivery proves their ability and works efficiency.
YUM!! This is the only site that serves a decent red velvet cup cake. Their specialty is undoubtedly the Irish coffee Cake and it's worth a try. You'll get a variety in desserts and cakes and I'll surely order again and try out all the cakes on offer. Loved the Vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles on top as well.
I had their Red velvet heart Cake a while back. It was amazing. I had never eaten any red velvet heart cake that tasted like that.. I am hooked for life. Could someone please not make this cake so addictive? I mean, I need a gym membership now but I am still gonna keep eating them all Oh my goodness. Nothing but pure delicacy
Thank you! We bumped into CakeZone by mistake, and that is the most enjoyable error I ever made!!! Thank you for your delicious Red velvet heart Cake! My son has severe food allergies to eggs, and now EVERYTIME we have a party to go to we make sure to order for him a special treat! One bite and you are hooked!
It is my best friend's wedding in 2 days and me, with all my friends decided to throw a surprise party to the “to-be couple” last night. As it was a sudden plan we surfed through CakeZone and bought premium heart shape photo cake. We provided the photo and the final product is really worth praising. My friend and her husband felt so special. Thanks for helping us CakeZone.
In my search for fresh Online flower delivery in Hyderabad, I came across cakezone. At first, I thought its basically a cake ordering website but when I discovered the website, I was quite impressed with what all the website offered and promised. I wasn't quite sure about the fulfilment of the services though as many of these websites promise various offers and services but do not deliver the same. But because I was quite impressed with the website, I decided to order 6 cupcakes and 10 white and 10 pink roses paper pack flowers for my wife. I was not in Hyderabad and it was her birthday. But what was promised got delivered at my doorstep. On-time delivery and fresh flowers. What to say more! Good job Cakezone!
Just wanted to say a big 'Thank You' for the promptness with which you fulfilled my online order, which was placed this morning. My friend loved the Death by Chocolate cake and a bunch of 30 red roses bouquet that I ordered for her recently. The cake really looks very tempting and yummy and the flowers were delivered to us fresh and beautiful. Will definitely recommend to my friends residing in Hyderabad. The delivery was also done around the exact time that you mentioned. I am really very happy with your service of Online flower delivery in Hyderabad. The flowers were so fresh that my friend's house smells of fresh roses. Keep up the excellent work.
I don't live in India but my parents do. I belong to Hyderabad. It was my dad's birthday and I have not attended any of his birthday parties lately. My dad was disappointed as I was unable to make it to his birthday party once again. I decided to cheer him up. I was looking for an online joint of flower and cake delivery in Hyderabad. I found cakezone and finally ordered a red velvet cake and 12 yellow roses bouquet. The bunch of flowers looked very pretty. It was a midnight delivery. The order got delivered on time. I got a call from the delivery executive before the delivery. And then I got a call from my dad after the delivery. He seemed quite happy. I was a bit relieved to see him happy. Thank you cakezone for making my life simple and easy.
It was the occasion of our 2nd marriage anniversary. I gifted my wife a beautiful thing. But she at that very moment wanted to have some chocolates. I was very tired to bring something for her from the market. So she decided to order the chocolates online. Her friends suggested to opt for Cakezone. She said me to order the chocolates online. As it was our anniversary I ordered this mini heart chocolate box. I have heard they offer premium chocolates in pune and same day delivery. But it turned out to be more surprising when they delivered the chocolates within 3 hours. The taste of the chocolates were so good. My wife loved the chocolates very much. The decor of the chocolate gift box was also very attractive. You made our day by this commendable chocolates.
One of the most efficient websites for ordering online flowers and cakes in Hyderabad. This website has made online flower delivery in Hyderabad so easy and quick. I ordered 20 pink roses paper back for my mom recently and I got it delivered at midnight. The order was placed successfully and the delivery was prompt. The flowers were fresh and delivered in a very good condition. Everything went well with cakezone and the service was also very good. I encourage team Cakezone as it is a budding venture in India and is available only in 3 cities. Really wish that it expands and grows. All the best team CakeZone.
It was the occasion of my cousin's house warming ceremony. I was confused what to gift her. Usually I buy gift items online so that I don't have to carry the hassle all the way from the store to the house. Online delivery usually takes 3 to 4 days but this time I had no such time in hand as the invitation came on a short notice. I decided to gift her flowers so I researched about what is the best online store to deliver flowers on the same day. My search stopped at Cakezone. In here they were committing to deliver fresh flowers on the same day, so I ordered this 12 Yellow Roses. I ordered this 12 yellow roses because the color of yellow signifies prosperity which is a perfect gift for the occasion. I placed the order and was expecting to receive good quality flowers . What I received was beyond my expectations. The flowers were really good and the decoration was also nice. The packaging was very good. Everyone loved the flowers. Thank you.
I am not one of those who prefers ordering things online but in this case I had no other option because there was no good flower shops near me and it was the occasion of our anniversary. My wife loves flowers specially the red roses. I saw cakezone's page on facebook so I decided to order it from there because the pictures of the flowers were looking beautiful. As it was our 12th anniversary so I ordered this 12 Red Roses. They delivered the flowers within 2 hours. The packaging was so safe. No petals got messed up. The flowers looked very beautiful. They were fresh and every detailing of it was done so delicately. We loved the flowers.
It was the occasion of my wife's birthday. She loves flowers. Among so many flowers roses are her favorite. So I decided to gift her a birthday present along with some flowers. But the problem persisting was that where I live there was no nearby flower store. I was pretty worried about this. And it was in the last moment when I discovered this problem, so it was not possible for me to travel faraway for the flowers. At the mean time one of my colleagues suggested to opt for ordering online. I googled about online stores. Then I saw CakeZone which looked reliable among among many others. I ordered the flower. The online process was quite hassle free. The delivery was done within 2 hours. The flowers were looking captivating and more over my wife loved those flowers
It was our 13th wedding anniversary and I wanted to make it really special for me and my husband. I cannot leave the children behind and go for cake and gift shopping. Cakezone offers cake delivery in Hyderabad which is very convenient. I ordered for special red velvet and it looked just like it did in the picture and the taste is unbelievable. Wow! My husband and I enjoyed the cake so much.
I ordered the cupcakes to treat myself and some friends from office over my promotion, didn't want to throw a huge party or anything as it was already late, around 11 so we scrolled through CakeZone and ordered a bunch of chocolate cupcakes. They delivered the cupcakes on time, their online midnight cake delivery is just amazing and well-coordinated. I don't think any other companies to that or not but my orders from CakeZone never fail to impress me. cake delivery in Hyderabad never seemed that easy to do. CakeZone has the best customer service. Let them eat cake if you know what I am saying.