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I would recommend everyone to try the black forest cake at CakeZone. It will definitely blow your mind. It is so soft and the cream that they use is so fresh that you will actually try to eat the entire cake on your own. No kidding. It is so amazing that even while writing this, I want to go back and have their black forest cake.
CakeZone's same day cake delivery has always been my favorite. Their website proposes an assortment of cakes that are striking and that look like they taste marvelous. However, I always order the same black forest cake as it is my favorite. This time I stepped away from my comfort zone and opened my cognizance to a flavor blend that I had never tried before. And really, that was a good idea. The taste of cake delivered was sure to win anyone's heart. It actually brightened up my event. Thank you CakeZone!!
We were visiting Bangalore for a friend's birthday, and on our first day of course we were contemplating where to order a cake from. I was extremely confused and a common friend of ours couldn't stop raving about CakeZone and TALKED US INTO trying the Black Forest Cherry Cake. They delivered in record time and I didn't expect much. But I was feeling benevolent. When the time came to cut the cake and sample it, it was absolutely FANTASTIC. As I said, I was feeling unusually generous with myself and so I succumbed and bought another cake the next day. No regrets. Just wonderful!!! I have since been pestering my friends to order and send it across to Kochi and make sure whoever comes visting to get this along with them for sure.
I recently ordered a red velvet cake for my friend's birthday from CakeZone. Moreover, I got a message printed on the cake and asked them to tailor it with a delicate touch to it. It was a really great experience. I ordered something that i had never tasted anything like before. I went crazy to discover such a rare flavor and icing combinations. I and my guests discovered an all new taste that we would have never imagined before. For a fact, it was something really great to try out. Really, give it a damn try and your taste for those basic flavors will quickly disappear.
Being the chief of a company, I arrange annual party on the 'founders day' for my employees. This time, we thought of ordering a massive red velvet cake but it was the last minute decision, so we needed the cake in maximum 3 hours. I called the customer service of CakeZone and explained my emergency and they really stood up to my expectations. The cake was delivered on the same day without any delay.
I never do rely much on online products but had to order one for my friend's birthday celebration. I gave CakeZone a go, and I got a perfect cake with some short deadlines. The delivery boy was good, very polite with good manners. Even they didn't charge extra for midnight deliveries. Keep going the good work; hope will order again.
Red velvet cakes are absolute delights and to have one from CakeZone have left me to crave for more. The cake was perfect, spongy and soft. Creams are fresh and qualities aren't compromised at all. Prompt deliveries even at midnight and no extra charges. To have a birthday celebration, deliveries from CakeZone are ideal. The payment is secure; COD is available too. Thank you so much.
I ordered an online cake for the first time from CakeZone, and I totally loved it. Usually, I don't like red velvet though I loved this one from CakeZone. The combination with vanilla cream just made it perfect. Ideal for any celebration and that too with a cheaper rate. Timely delivery is also noted. Hassles free payment process, COD is available.
At first, I was really confused about where to order the perfect red velvet cake online. I got to know about CakeZone from one of my friends. At first, I was really confused about ordering from CakeZone. But after my first Order gets delivered to me without any delay, I was just amazed and I really loved the cake delivery service. The size is perfect, and it tastes amazing. I loved the options they give while checking out- birthday caps, candles and much more. Thank you CakeZone.
I'm a bit picky about food, but I had to say that CakeZone delivers real good cakes. The quality of the sponge cake is good, and they use high-quality creams. They have eggless cakes too, which helped me with my vegetarian friend's birthday. Loved the packaging and quick deliveries. Gonna order more from cakesZone.
A Bangalore based online cake shop is what I desired for ever since. And CakeZone fulfilled my desires. I ordered a red velvet cake for my daughter's birthday a few days ago. The cake was really good and fresh. No complaints on that. But can improve the delivery to somewhat faster. Hope they will improve the delivery services. That all. Thank you so much.
This site has saved me. Before placing an order on this site, I ordered a cake in a famous bakery shop. But on the day of delivery they messed up by telling that the cake won't be ready until the next day. So I placed an order for a large velvet cake for the party which was held at my brother-in-law's house and the cake was dropped at the venue without any delay. As all the guests were expecting a cake\, I had to have one and CakeZone helped me a lot.
I am a dedicated fan of this site. I frequently arrange parties and my guests had loved every cake I have ordered from this site. This time I went for the red velvet cake and as usual, it was spongy and full of flavour. A single piece of this delicious cake did not satisfy me and so, I keep ordering an extra pound. No doubt, I will always prefer this online cake shop over any other place.
I work in a reputed IT company in Bangalore and it was my boss's birthday last week. So my colleagues and I decided to arrange a surprise for him but we needed the cake in maximum 3 hours as my boss was supposed to leave for Malaysia. We ordered this cake from CakeZone and the cake was dropped at our office within 2 hours. It was because of CakeZone that we shared a happy day with our boss.
What I love about them is the consistency of their services and products. I have bought birthday cake for my girlfriend and mother last two times and this time, I went for the red velvet cake. I called their customer service and requested them to deliver within one hour if possible and they really did so. I can't be thankful enough for being so supportive and really hope you continue to serve the people with this dedication.
I bought this cake and choose the immediate delivery option at around 9.30 a.m. They were supposed to deliver the cake within 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and they stick by their words. I got my cake by 12 p.m. and I really appreciate their effort and dedication. The taste was really awesome and I definitely do not have any complaints regarding their cakes or services. Will surely buy more from CakeZone.
It is hard to impress me with any cake because I am a baker who one's everything to be perfect. I had tried many cakes from various online stores but by far this is the best. The right amount of sweetness, very soft and has that amazing after taste. This cake is surely a winner in taste and look. It is very clear that they have used quality ingredients and I appreciate that.
I never knew something like same day delivery existed unless I surfed through CakeZone. To be honest, I had no urgency but still selected this option just for trying it out. It actually got my cake delivered within 3 to 4 hours. I expected it to be something fake but the butterscotch cake was super delicious and the swift delivery is really praiseworthy. CakeZone proved me wrong and am really glad it did.
YUM!! This is the only site that serves a decent red velvet cup cake. Their specialty is undoubtedly the Irish coffee Cake and it's worth a try. You'll get a variety in desserts and cakes and I'll surely order again and try out all the cakes on offer. Loved the Vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles on top as well.
What I love about the service is last minute fixes, accepting faults and respect for old customers.Business ethics so rare in today's world. Amazon and ferns&petals have a lot to learn from these people to understand the real meaning of "customer care" and "helpline". I have always been helped.
One of the most efficient websites for ordering online flowers and cakes in Hyderabad. This website has made online flower delivery in Hyderabad so easy and quick. I ordered 20 pink roses paper back for my mom recently and I got it delivered at midnight. The order was placed successfully and the delivery was prompt. The flowers were fresh and delivered in a very good condition. Everything went well with cakezone and the service was also very good. I encourage team Cakezone as it is a budding venture in India and is available only in 3 cities. Really wish that it expands and grows. All the best team CakeZone.
The first thing that came to my mind on knowing about Online Cake Delivery in Pune by CakeZone, was that I had to try it, since I had ordered one earlier, while in a different city. The cakes are freshly baked as per your order, and they have nothing left over or carry forward. Now I can order in my favourite black forest cake whenever I want. Way to go CakeZone!
I ordered the cupcakes to treat myself and some friends from office over my promotion, didn't want to throw a huge party or anything as it was already late, around 11 so we scrolled through CakeZone and ordered a bunch of chocolate cupcakes. They delivered the cupcakes on time, their online midnight cake delivery is just amazing and well-coordinated. I don't think any other companies to that or not but my orders from CakeZone never fail to impress me. cake delivery in Hyderabad never seemed that easy to do. CakeZone has the best customer service. Let them eat cake if you know what I am saying.
I have ordered a butterscotch overload cake on my mother-in-law's 60th Birthday. The delivery was perfect and on time. The packaging was quite impressive and the cake was really wow some. My mother-in-law is a chocolate lover and she loved the cake. We all were very happy to see a big smile on her face. Thanks to the entire team of cakezone to bake such a good cakes.
My wife loves chocolates. So I ordered a black forest cake for her birthday. The packing and decorations were superb. She is quite selective, I was not expecting that kind of reaction from her. She loved the cake and told me, this is the best cake I have ever tried. The cake was fresh and so delicious. Thanx Cakezone, for your online cake delivery in Bangalore. We enjoyed the cake very much. 
I always order cake online to save time. Now CakeZone has made it easier to order through their website. I can choose from the wide variety. The last order I gave seven days ago online, to celebrate my friend's bachelor's party. I order one chocolate Oreo and six red velvet cupcakes. Everyone fall in love with the taste and the cake decoration. Their fast delivery proves their ability and works efficiency.
Cakes are my favorite but I am really picky about my birthday cakes. Therefore my friends always make sure that I get the best quality cake on my birthday. This time they ordered a red velvet cake from CakeZone and we all loved it so much. It was perfectly spongy and with fresh icing. I loved it immensely. Thank you CakeZone! We will order more from you!
I had the privilege to try a black forest cake at CakeZone and it was an incredible experience. I have had black forest cakes before but this was something very different. The cream was so fresh and the cake was so soft that I finished half of it in one go. I highly recommend CakeZone to everyone. You must give it a try at least once and I assure you that you will go back to them again and again
The cake was delivered within the speculated time. The delivery person was very prompt with his service. He delivered the cake right at my door step. He wished me in a very polite manner with a smile, which I really appreciate. Unfortunately I didn't got the opportunity to thank him as there where quite number of people in my house as it was chaotic at that moment.
It will be great if you can convey my appreciation to him. I understand they take a lot of pain delivering the cake on time in this heavy traffic without spoiling it. So I believe a single appreciation will also keep their moral high for the great work they are doing.