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I am not one of those who prefers ordering things online but in this case I had no other option because there was no good flower shops near me and it was the occasion of our anniversary. My wife loves flowers specially the red roses. I saw cakezone's page on facebook so I decided to order it from there because the pictures of the flowers were looking beautiful. As it was our 12th anniversary so I ordered this 12 Red Roses. They delivered the flowers within 2 hours. The packaging was so safe. No petals got messed up. The flowers looked very beautiful. They were fresh and every detailing of it was done so delicately. We loved the flowers.
Ordered orchids for my mother's birthday. They arrived on the day, looked fabulous. My mother was thrilled with the flowers. Excellent quality of flowers and value for money. Very pleased with the services. I have tried a lot of online shops over the years but this one is the best and will always use it from now on. Believe me, it will definitely make the one you send the flowers happy and you will feel contented as well. Highly recommended.
Mother's Day is around the corner and I am out of India, as I live in Thailand. My mom lives in Hyderabad so I wanted to deliver a beautiful cake to her but I don't know any good cake shop near Hyderabad to call. I want Mother's Day gifts to be prompt so I googled and this website CakeZone show up, I was very impressed by the design and ordered 1 and asked them to deliver this on Mother's Day. The customer service people were very polite and assured my delivery. I never knew about online cake delivery in Hyderabad . I recommend this to everyone.
I am living in Delhi and my mother is living in Bangalore. When I was in Bangalore I used to order cakes from cakezone. On this mother's day, I have planned a holiday for my parents so my mother will not be there on the mother's day. Because she loves cakes so I ordered a wonder woman crown cake and flowers for my mother before mother's day. When she got the cake she was delighted to see the cake. It was nicely packed and the decoration was amazing. She distributed the cake among her friend and they all love the taste of the cake. Thanks Cakezone for creating such a beautiful movements in our life. When she told all these things to me she was crying and feeling happy that how much I love her.
It is my best friend's wedding in 2 days and me, with all my friends decided to throw a surprise party to the “to-be couple” last night. As it was a sudden plan we surfed through CakeZone and bought premium heart shape photo cake. We provided the photo and the final product is really worth praising. My friend and her husband felt so special. Thanks for helping us CakeZone.
My wife loves chocolates. My refrigerator is always filled with luxurious chocolates and different pastries. Recently, she discovered cakezone which is basically a cake ordering website. It has a huge variety of cakes and the flavours are so unique that you couldn't resist yourself in trying them. It also has chocolates and chocolate boxes and other add-ons which makes the website even more great. My wife has ordered 10 boxes of Ferrero Rocher and other chocolates already. I would say this ordering website truly delivers one of the best Premium chocolates in Hyderabad. Keep up the good work.
Just wanted to say a big 'Thank You' for the promptness with which you fulfilled my online order, which was placed this morning. My friend loved the Death by Chocolate cake and a bunch of 30 red roses bouquet that I ordered for her recently. The cake really looks very tempting and yummy and the flowers were delivered to us fresh and beautiful. Will definitely recommend to my friends residing in Hyderabad. The delivery was also done around the exact time that you mentioned. I am really very happy with your service of Online flower delivery in Hyderabad. The flowers were so fresh that my friend's house smells of fresh roses. Keep up the excellent work.
I don't live in India but my parents do. I belong to Hyderabad. It was my dad's birthday and I have not attended any of his birthday parties lately. My dad was disappointed as I was unable to make it to his birthday party once again. I decided to cheer him up. I was looking for an online joint of flower and cake delivery in Hyderabad. I found cakezone and finally ordered a red velvet cake and 12 yellow roses bouquet. The bunch of flowers looked very pretty. It was a midnight delivery. The order got delivered on time. I got a call from the delivery executive before the delivery. And then I got a call from my dad after the delivery. He seemed quite happy. I was a bit relieved to see him happy. Thank you cakezone for making my life simple and easy.
This joint of Online cake delivery and online flower delivery in Hyderabad has proved to be an excellent one. This online joint has offered some really great services and I am a very happy customer. I recently ordered 20 roses pot arrangement for a colleague's welcome party at the office. The flowers were delivered in no time with excellent packing and fresh flowers. They looked even more beautiful than the one shown in the picture. It looked as if the flowers were picked from the best shops in Hyderabad, On asking the delivery boy the same, he answered very politely. I really appreciate the good efforts and great services of Cakezone. Also, the prices of everything was quite reasonable and affordable.
Online Flower Delivery in Hyderabad has become very easy after I got to know about CakeZone. At first, I assumed that the website is only about cakes and bakes but later on after a huge inspection of the website I encountered that the website also offers flowers and other add-on products like chocolates and gifts and combo boxes. My first impression of the website was pretty good. I, later on, ordered 9 Gerbera bouquet for my boss's farewell at the office. The flower was directly delivered to the office and they looked gorgeous. It was an on-time delivery thus fulfilling the promise of prompt delivery and thus a great service. It's a really great website and the services are great too.
The bouquet of Gerbera flowers I ordered was a birthday gift for my friend. I was worried that they would be smaller than expected but they exceeded my expectations. They were beautiful and arrived on time. My friend emailed me a picture of those flowers. This is not the first time that I have used Cakezone flowers and it will certainly not be the last. Loved the feedback from the company prior to the flowers arrival.
Simple assorted truffle is one of my all time favs. One day I was just scrolling down news feed it is then when I saw the advert by cakezone where they make assorted truffle with decorated box. One thing that was quite impressive was thier duration of delivering the cake which was given three hours. I placed my order. There was no special occassion. It was just my cravings for the particular chocolate. The chocolate was delivered within 2 hours which is very impressive. The packaging was very good and it seemed that no leakage is possible. The decoration on the box was also very attractive. Talking about the taste was mindblowing. The richness of the chocolate was upto the mark. The crunchiness in the cake was perfect. All total the taste was very good more than I expected. Thank you cakezone.
One of the most efficient websites for ordering online flowers and cakes in Hyderabad. This website has made online flower delivery in Hyderabad so easy and quick. I ordered 20 pink roses paper back for my mom recently and I got it delivered at midnight. The order was placed successfully and the delivery was prompt. The flowers were fresh and delivered in a very good condition. Everything went well with cakezone and the service was also very good. I encourage team Cakezone as it is a budding venture in India and is available only in 3 cities. Really wish that it expands and grows. All the best team CakeZone.
It was the night before our wedding. I wanted to present my fiance a pre-wedding gift. What else could be so onpoint than gifting her flowers. So decided that flowers are what she requires now. I decided to gift her this carnations. I was so excited about the fact that they were making the delivery possible even in the midnight. I received the package within 2 hours despite the odd hours. I flowers were looking too captivating. I loved the presentation and she loved the gift. Thanks Cakezone.
It was the occasion of my cousin's house warming ceremony. I was confused what to gift her. Usually I buy gift items online so that I don't have to carry the hassle all the way from the store to the house. Online delivery usually takes 3 to 4 days but this time I had no such time in hand as the invitation came on a short notice. I decided to gift her flowers so I researched about what is the best online store to deliver flowers on the same day. My search stopped at Cakezone. In here they were committing to deliver fresh flowers on the same day, so I ordered this 12 Yellow Roses. I ordered this 12 yellow roses because the color of yellow signifies prosperity which is a perfect gift for the occasion. I placed the order and was expecting to receive good quality flowers . What I received was beyond my expectations. The flowers were really good and the decoration was also nice. The packaging was very good. Everyone loved the flowers. Thank you.


Mother's Day

One relationship in this world which effortlessly scores above all the other known relationships on Earth, this extraordinary relationship is none other than our Mother. Mother's Day 2020 occurs on Sunday, May 10 and we celebrate Mother's Day to acknowledge the true companionship and to express respect, honour, and love towards her. The celebration of motherhood can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who held festivals in honour of the mother goddess. Mother's Day having a precedent from the Christian festival known as Mothering Sunday. The modern-day origins of Mother's Day can be attributed to two women- Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis, who were important in establishing the tradition and work for uniting women for good causes.

Mother's Day observed in different forms throughout the world, dates and celebrations vary around the regions. Over the time Mothering Sunday tradition is shifted into a more secular holiday and one of the biggest days for consumer spending, and on this day, children would present their mothers with flowers, personalised gifts, chocolates, cakes, greeting cards for appreciation. Mother's Day 2020 is just around the corner, this Mother's Day shows your Mother how much you love and care for her with best Mother's Day gifts from HalfCute.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

The time of the year has arrived again to pay a tribute to the most special lady of our life. In this Mother's Day celebrate our Mother's infinite love and never slip a chance to express the love to our Mother. So, this Mother's Day it is our chance to surprise her and present her with unique and exclusive Mother's Day gifts from HalfCute. Our range of Mother's Day gifts is amazing and creative, which helps to convey heartfelt emotions to our Mother and makes this day memorable. HalfCute, a one-stop destination for all range of Mother's Day gifts including Mother's Day flowers, Mother's Day chocolates, Mother's Day cakes, Mother's Day personalised gifts, Mother's Day greeting cards. We also exhibit an enthralling range of Mother's Day gift hampers online comprising of adorable Mother's Day luxury flower boxes to delicious cakes and chocolates to infuse more love to your bond with your mother. To spice up the surprise of the Mother's Day as always, we are offering same day, midnight delivery and preferred time slot delivery options for all the Mother's Day range gift items. So why not take a little time out of your busy life in this Mother's Day and thank your Mother for all her priceless contributions and sacrifices.

Gifts for Mother's Day

HalfCute brings you a wide range of Mother's Day gifts collection including everything from charming flowers to delectable cakes and chocolates, and everything in between.

Mother's Day Flower Gifts

Flowers symbolize purity, love, togetherness, and gratitude. Sending Mother's Day flowers is one of the special Mother's Day present that can bring a big smile on our Mother's face. Our colorful range of Mother's Day flower gifts includes "Scintillating Roses Luxury Box", "The Yellow Elegant Box", "Elegant English Garden Box", "The Eternity Red Rose Box", "Mother's Day special roses", "6 and 12 red roses bunch", "10 white and 10 red roses bunch", "12 yellow roses bunch" etc. These enthralling range of best Mother's Day special flowers and flower bouquets helps to express a range of emotions and brings an everlasting smile on our Mother's face.

Mother's Day Chocolates

Help your mom savor the sweet memories with enthralling Mother's Day chocolates online from HalfCute. Chocolates are the best Mother's Day gifting option; every bite of these delicious chocolates helps to revive the sweetest childhood memories. Our Mother's Day special chocolate collection includes "Heart full of chocolate gift box", "Mini heart chocolate gift box", "Mixed Ferrero Rocher chocolates", "Assorted chocolate truffles", "Special almond and pista chocolates" etc., which are rich and scrumptious and will reflect the joyous spirit of Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Greeting Cards

A Greeting card for an occasion will never go out of fashion. What can be a better way to show our affection towards our Mother than a personalised Mother's Day greeting card. Express your love to your mom with special Mother's Day greeting cards like "I Love You Mom", "Love You Mom", "Best Mom", "Super Mom", "Happy Mother's Day Greeting Card". Sending these greeting cards with thoughtful words in it is a perfect way to convey the warmth of your love.

Mother's Day Cakes

Make this Mother's Day extra-special with special cakes that are so sweet and beautiful. Our Mother's Day cakes "Love You Mom", "First Mother's Day Cake", "Mother's Day Daughter Photo Cake", "Mother's Day Wishes Topper Cake", "Mother's Day Special Cake" has everything in it to surprise your mom in this Mother's Day. We also have a large variety of delectable cakes that would be most suitable to gift on this special occasion.

Mother's Day Personalised Gifts

HalfCute brings you the fabulous range of Mother's Day personalised mugs to add more colours to this Mother's Day 2020. Take a moment from the busy day and buy the personalised gifts which have the best Mother's Day quotes, which will add an immense emotional value on this Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Gifts Online

HalfCute featuring its best in class Mother's Day gift collection to make this Mother's Day special to Mother, Grandmother, New Mom and for Wife. Along with the charming personalised gifts, you can also find the best enthralling flower bouquets, delectable cakes and cupcakes, delicious chocolates, adorable Mother's Day hampers for your loving mom. HalfCute remains the center of attention among the wide customer base for its amazing range of Mother's Day gifts. HalfCute's delivery services and options are much organised and framed in accordance with the customers. Our quick delivery services ensure it delivers the best Mother's Day gifts at your doorstep at the right time, without any hassle. Same Day, midnight and preferred time slot delivery services are much more optimised for making this Mother's Day an unforgettable day for you and for your Mother. Delivering Mother's Day gifts on the same day and on midnight will intensify the fun and excitement and you can enjoy Mother's Day 2020 more in a fantastic way. Surprise your mom on this Mother's Day and make her feel special and give her love and respect she deserves., the best online Mother's Day gift store and having all the delivery options to ensure the best convenience possible for a customer who is looking for the perfect Mother's Day gifts to celebrate this special occasion. Our customer support team make sure you get the best online delivery experience possible. The easy to access and the secure payment gateways will ensure the smooth hassle-free payments and will make the shopping experience with HalfCute to the next level. For ordering the best Mother's Day gifts, just log in to the HalfCute account and select the Mother's Day gifts online to pamper the Mother's Day 2020 and leave the rest to us, we will deliver the gifts to your doorstep without losing its surprise elements. So, make your order and relish the fun that comes along with it.