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It was the occasion of my cousin's house warming ceremony. I was confused what to gift her. Usually I buy gift items online so that I don't have to carry the hassle all the way from the store to the house. Online delivery usually takes 3 to 4 days but this time I had no such time in hand as the invitation came on a short notice. I decided to gift her flowers so I researched about what is the best online store to deliver flowers on the same day. My search stopped at Cakezone. In here they were committing to deliver fresh flowers on the same day, so I ordered this 12 Yellow Roses. I ordered this 12 yellow roses because the color of yellow signifies prosperity which is a perfect gift for the occasion. I placed the order and was expecting to receive good quality flowers . What I received was beyond my expectations. The flowers were really good and the decoration was also nice. The packaging was very good. Everyone loved the flowers. Thank you.
I am not one of those who prefers ordering things online but in this case I had no other option because there was no good flower shops near me and it was the occasion of our anniversary. My wife loves flowers specially the red roses. I saw cakezone's page on facebook so I decided to order it from there because the pictures of the flowers were looking beautiful. As it was our 12th anniversary so I ordered this 12 Red Roses. They delivered the flowers within 2 hours. The packaging was so safe. No petals got messed up. The flowers looked very beautiful. They were fresh and every detailing of it was done so delicately. We loved the flowers.
It was the occasion of my wife's birthday. She loves flowers. Among so many flowers roses are her favorite. So I decided to gift her a birthday present along with some flowers. But the problem persisting was that where I live there was no nearby flower store. I was pretty worried about this. And it was in the last moment when I discovered this problem, so it was not possible for me to travel faraway for the flowers. At the mean time one of my colleagues suggested to opt for ordering online. I googled about online stores. Then I saw CakeZone which looked reliable among among many others. I ordered the flower. The online process was quite hassle free. The delivery was done within 2 hours. The flowers were looking captivating and more over my wife loved those flowers
The first thing that came to my mind on knowing about Online Cake Delivery in Pune by CakeZone, was that I had to try it, since I had ordered one earlier, while in a different city. The cakes are freshly baked as per your order, and they have nothing left over or carry forward. Now I can order in my favourite black forest cake whenever I want. Way to go CakeZone!
I am vegetarian and finding a delicious egg free cake sometimes serves as pain in the back. We hunt through stores after stores for the perfect cake that satisfy our taste bud and religion but none can be found. I came across this website last month through my friend's birthday, he'd the cake ordered from CakeZone. My friend told me about this online birthday cake delivery in Hyderabad and to test it I ordered one eggless cake for my daughter's birthday this month and to my surprise the cake was delicious in every way and eggfree too. The website has many add-in goodies like chocolate, candles and what not. A must try
I ordered the cupcakes to treat myself and some friends from office over my promotion, didn't want to throw a huge party or anything as it was already late, around 11 so we scrolled through CakeZone and ordered a bunch of chocolate cupcakes. They delivered the cupcakes on time, their online midnight cake delivery is just amazing and well-coordinated. I don't think any other companies to that or not but my orders from CakeZone never fail to impress me. cake delivery in Hyderabad never seemed that easy to do. CakeZone has the best customer service. Let them eat cake if you know what I am saying.
My girlfriend was upset with me over something and I tried what not to uplift her mood. I am a loyal CakeZone customer and familiar with their cakes and flowers delivery in Hyderabad options. I placed a heart shape red velvet cake order with my girlfriend's name written on it along with a Cadbury chocolate set and some beautiful looking flowers. CakeZone, as usual, did not disappoint me and delivered the cake on time. My girlfriend called me last night and we talked for a while, everything is sorted out. Cake can mend distances. as far the taste is concerned, CakeZone never compromises on the quality, they are the best in business.
I have ordered a butterscotch overload cake on my mother-in-law's 60th Birthday. The delivery was perfect and on time. The packaging was quite impressive and the cake was really wow some. My mother-in-law is a chocolate lover and she loved the cake. We all were very happy to see a big smile on her face. Thanks to the entire team of cakezone to bake such a good cakes.
I am a pure vegetarian and when it comes to cake it become difficult for me to buy tasty eggless cakes. I was new in Banglore and it was my hubby's birthday so I have to buy an eggless I was just confused than one of my neighbors suggested me cakezone. I opened the website. The website is user-friendly and full of beautiful cakes. All the cakes were looking beautiful but I was concerned about the taste. I placed an order for layered chocolate truffle cake and flowers and selected a midnight delivery. I was not sure that I will get the cake on time or not. But I got the cake on time and it was nicely packed. The flowers were also fresh and the packaging was also nice. My hubby was surprised to see a cake and flowers delivery in an unknown city at midnight. When we tasted the cake it was so delicious. We were so happy to get a tasty eggless cake. The taste was above my expectation. This was one of the best cakes I have ever had
I am a Chocolate Cake lover and a big fan of choco truffle cake. Had a great experience with you from the last 2 years. I first tried the choco truffle cake from one of my friend's birthday party and from that day itself when I want to order a cake, I will first visit CakeZone. Thank You CakeZone. Loved your cakes very much.
I have ordered a Choco Truffle birthday cake for my sister-in-law and when we got the cake we were so delighted to see that the packaging was so perfect and taste of the cake was so amazing. This is a perfect cake for chocolate lovers with a thick and smooth chocolate layer. We are so happy to know that online cake delivery in Bangalore is available. Now we can enjoy our favorite cakes anytime without any hassle. Thank you, guys?..
We were new in Bangalore and don't know from where to buy a cake for our anniversary, then a friend of mine told me about the online cake delivery in Bangalore. I reached to the cakezone website and ordered a red velvet heart cake on my 1st anniversary. We were surprised to see that a midnight cake delivery service available in Banglore. The cake was delivered perfectly. I and my husband were very happy to see the packing and decorations. We indulged with the service of the best cake delivery in Bangalore.
My wife loves chocolates. So I ordered a black forest cake for her birthday. The packing and decorations were superb. She is quite selective, I was not expecting that kind of reaction from her. She loved the cake and told me, this is the best cake I have ever tried. The cake was fresh and so delicious. Thanx Cakezone, for your online cake delivery in Bangalore. We enjoyed the cake very much. 
Last week there was a function in my daughter's school and she has to take some eatables for her friends. She loves cupcake so I ordered some vanilla cupcakes and Choco chips muffins. The delivery was on time and cupcakes and muffins were packed nicely. When I open the box the cakes were looking yummy. My daughter and her friend enjoyed the cakes and they really like the taste.
What impressed me about this site are the various options of designs and sizes available on this website. Apart from that, home delivery cakes in Hyderabad is totally made for busy human beings like us. We cannot visit the stores because of the work pressure and CakeZone made it less hectic for us. I just wanted to relax on my couch in Sundays by eating some cookies or cakes and thanks to CakeZone who made my weekends perfect. Luscious cakes and creamy fillings, every bite of that chocolate cake was blissful.
CakeZone is a trustworthy name in online cake delivery in Hyderabad city.  They supply a variety of cakes on different occasion like birthday, wedding, marriage anniversary, bachelor's party, valentine day special and much more. They also introduced a combo gift pack of beautiful flowers and cake with chocolates to add an extra flavour to any occasion. Customer's satisfaction is their ultimate concern, so they maintain quality in each product. Sometimes one word from anyone is enough to draw the attention of you. In my experience, I got to know about them from a face book page and order a New Year countdown cake this 1st January. The taste was awesome with chocolate and all over whipped cream. I am now their die heart fan.
I always love to give surprise gift. On the special event of my parent's 50th wedding anniversary; I order the Red Velvet heart cake to reach midnight. Cake zone has an extensive delivery network, that really works for me to make my parents surprise when the cake arrived with a ting-tong calling bell sound just 2 min before 12. Thanks, cake zone. I am your big fan.
I simply love delicious cake, and CakeZone is my fav site where I can order and get hassle free delivery. I love the way they prepare their cake with extra care. Very recently I ordered a pineapple vanilla cake for my family just to enjoy holidays. My children and wife loved the taste of vanilla with fresh pineapple slices on the top. It was attractive, and the mouth watering taste is utterly unforgettable. Their quick delivery is praiseworthy. I will order more in future.
I always order cake online to save time. Now CakeZone has made it easier to order through their website. I can choose from the wide variety. The last order I gave seven days ago online, to celebrate my friend's bachelor's party. I order one chocolate Oreo and six red velvet cupcakes. Everyone fall in love with the taste and the cake decoration. Their fast delivery proves their ability and works efficiency.
My family member and I are out and out foodies, but always e prefers homemade food. I have reared a thought that the online food is not fresh, may be two-three months old and the quality of ingredients always a matter of suspect to us. I got in touch with one of the cakes delivered by cake one at a party and got stuck with the freshness and quality. On searching, I came to know about the CakeZone online website and no need to say my family and I got satisfaction from the quality product they deliver. Now on every occasion, I order a cake at their site.
What I love about the service is last minute fixes, accepting faults and respect for old customers.Business ethics so rare in today's world. Amazon and ferns&petals have a lot to learn from these people to understand the real meaning of "customer care" and "helpline". I have always been helped.
I just want to say big thank you to the CakeZone Team. Last day I order a Christmas Rich Plum Cake Online from CakeZone. The taste was really amazing. The Cake was rich in Fruits and dry nuts and it is spongy also. I tasted a lot of plum cakes before when I going to my Friends houses. But this Rich Plum Cake from CakeZone will taste exactly the same as the traditional Plum Cake. While going through their websites I saw a lot more varieties of Plum Cakes, I am very much eager to taste them as well.
In my search for fresh Online flower delivery in Hyderabad, I came across cakezone. At first, I thought its basically a cake ordering website but when I discovered the website, I was quite impressed with what all the website offered and promised. I wasn't quite sure about the fulfilment of the services though as many of these websites promise various offers and services but do not deliver the same. But because I was quite impressed with the website, I decided to order 6 cupcakes and 10 white and 10 pink roses paper pack flowers for my wife. I was not in Hyderabad and it was her birthday. But what was promised got delivered at my doorstep. On-time delivery and fresh flowers. What to say more! Good job Cakezone!
Just wanted to say a big 'Thank You' for the promptness with which you fulfilled my online order, which was placed this morning. My friend loved the Death by Chocolate cake and a bunch of 30 red roses bouquet that I ordered for her recently. The cake really looks very tempting and yummy and the flowers were delivered to us fresh and beautiful. Will definitely recommend to my friends residing in Hyderabad. The delivery was also done around the exact time that you mentioned. I am really very happy with your service of Online flower delivery in Hyderabad. The flowers were so fresh that my friend's house smells of fresh roses. Keep up the excellent work.
I don't live in India but my parents do. I belong to Hyderabad. It was my dad's birthday and I have not attended any of his birthday parties lately. My dad was disappointed as I was unable to make it to his birthday party once again. I decided to cheer him up. I was looking for an online joint of flower and cake delivery in Hyderabad. I found cakezone and finally ordered a red velvet cake and 12 yellow roses bouquet. The bunch of flowers looked very pretty. It was a midnight delivery. The order got delivered on time. I got a call from the delivery executive before the delivery. And then I got a call from my dad after the delivery. He seemed quite happy. I was a bit relieved to see him happy. Thank you cakezone for making my life simple and easy.
Honestly one of the most simplest and effective way of ordering flowers which saves time and is worth your money as well. India is going digital and everything is available online. I never ordered any cake online because I am a bit hesitant to order anything online. But due to my hectic schedule, I didn't get time to buy cake and flowers for my mom and dad's anniversary. I was searching for an outlet for online Flower delivery in Hyderabad and I came across cakezone. I read a few reviews which were pretty good. I went through this website and found many varieties of flowers and cake as well. I ordered Colours of Love bouquet and 6 red velvet cupcakes. I got it delivered directly to my home. I reached an hour late post delivery. My parents looked quite happy and that smile on their faces made my day. On-time delivery and great services by cakezone is commendable. Thank you cakezone for making a memorable day more memorable.
This joint of Online cake delivery and online flower delivery in Hyderabad has proved to be an excellent one. This online joint has offered some really great services and I am a very happy customer. I recently ordered 20 roses pot arrangement for a colleague's welcome party at the office. The flowers were delivered in no time with excellent packing and fresh flowers. They looked even more beautiful than the one shown in the picture. It looked as if the flowers were picked from the best shops in Hyderabad, On asking the delivery boy the same, he answered very politely. I really appreciate the good efforts and great services of Cakezone. Also, the prices of everything was quite reasonable and affordable.
Simple assorted truffle is one of my all time favs. One day I was just scrolling down news feed it is then when I saw the advert by cakezone where they make assorted truffle with decorated box. One thing that was quite impressive was thier duration of delivering the cake which was given three hours. I placed my order. There was no special occassion. It was just my cravings for the particular chocolate. The chocolate was delivered within 2 hours which is very impressive. The packaging was very good and it seemed that no leakage is possible. The decoration on the box was also very attractive. Talking about the taste was mindblowing. The richness of the chocolate was upto the mark. The crunchiness in the cake was perfect. All total the taste was very good more than I expected. Thank you cakezone.
One of the most efficient websites for ordering online flowers and cakes in Hyderabad. This website has made online flower delivery in Hyderabad so easy and quick. I ordered 20 pink roses paper back for my mom recently and I got it delivered at midnight. The order was placed successfully and the delivery was prompt. The flowers were fresh and delivered in a very good condition. Everything went well with cakezone and the service was also very good. I encourage team Cakezone as it is a budding venture in India and is available only in 3 cities. Really wish that it expands and grows. All the best team CakeZone.
It was the night before our wedding. I wanted to present my fiance a pre-wedding gift. What else could be so onpoint than gifting her flowers. So decided that flowers are what she requires now. I decided to gift her this carnations. I was so excited about the fact that they were making the delivery possible even in the midnight. I received the package within 2 hours despite the odd hours. I flowers were looking too captivating. I loved the presentation and she loved the gift. Thanks Cakezone.


New Year's Day

New Year's Day celebrated on January 1st, the first day of January, following both the Gregorian and the Julian calendar. The New Year signifies that the time has arrived to bid farewell to the bygone year and to welcome the New Year. The Day is often marked by fireworks, parades, singing, dancing, night out parties and looking ahead for future possibilities. People greet each other with New Year wishes, exchange messages, greeting cards and gifts. People celebrate New Year's Eve in the company of loved ones, involving traditions meant to bring luck and success in the upcoming year. New Year's Day celebrations vary widely across different cultures. Typically the customs and traditions of New Years Day involve dressing colourfully and indulge in fun-filled activities such as singing, playing games, dancing, and attending parties.

New Year's Day Cake

People around the world welcome the eve of New Year with a full-hearted gesture of celebration. We are all waiting to celebrate this very special occasion with the expectations of a bright future and new hope. Most of the New Year's Day celebrations are made complete with beautiful and amazing gifts for your loved ones and another important element without which New Year celebration is incomplete is the New Year's cake. New Year has always been correlated with cakes. Cakes have always been considered as the inevitable part of all occasion. Eating a cake makes you and your loved ones rejoice every second of the festival. Now, you can make this New Year celebration much more memorable by ordering a New Year cakes online at CakeZone.

Order New Year's Cake Online in India

New Year is the time to celebrate and start afresh. New Year 2019 is just around the corner. Across India, folks follow different indigenous ways to welcome the New Year. But the thing common to the New Year celebrations all over India is "Cake". CakeZone India showcases you some amazing cake designs for this New Year 2019.

Ordering cakes Online in India and Sending cakes to friends, families, parents and loved ones have skyrocketed in the past few years due to the smooth and convenient ordering process. Ordering a cake online in India knocks out many problems faced by the old traditional call-in-orders and the boring traffic and parking issue to an in-store visit.

CakeZone, the most popular online cake store in India completely understands the advantages of online cake ordering and comes up with its Online Portal where you can browse through a variety of best quality cakes and pick your favourite cake for this New Year just sitting at your home. CakeZone have 14 super efficient kitchens across India, delivering the fresh cake delights. New Year Cake ideas at CakeZone add a lot of charms and colour to the party. New Year Cakes offered by CakeZone are New Year Party Cake, New Year Countdown Cake, New Year Rose Heart Step Cake, vasilopita, Happy New Year Photo Cake and many more. Our talented and professional chefs are master craftsmen in the art of imparting fresh but distinctive touches to their recipes. A wide variety of cakes can choose from our online store and Retail outlet nearby and can order your cake online at CakeZone.

A Wide assortment of New Year Cakes to choose from, make your celebrations much more memorable every time with our express online delivery services. Our fixed time delivery option which works completely to surprise your loved ones will also deliver the Personalized Gifts to your loved ones in this New Year on the selected time slot. Make New Year celebration grand and more surprise by sending cakes Online through our midnight delivery services.

Order Happy New Year Photo Cake Online in India

On New Year's Eve people celebrate the starting of the next year by cutting New Year Special Cakes or New Year Celebration Cakes with friends and families. Ordering a Happy New Year Cake Online in India will be a trending phenomenon close to New Year's days. Making a New Year Cake with our own special New Year Recipe and celebrating the New Year also heightened the New Year Festivity Mood.

We CakeZone showcase you some amazing New Year's Day Cake designs for this New Year 2019. "Happy New Year Photo Cake", an outlier in the New Year's Day cake designs. This cake will delight you, enchant you and leave you, wanting more and without any doubt, it will be your best New Year Celebrations Cake. Photo Cakes are the most popular type of personalized gifts. "Happy New Year Photo Cake" is a colourful rectangular cake made up of white and blue cheese frosting with Happy New Year Wish image imprinted on to the cake. This cake is a feel-good cake and equally delicious to wish your friends, families, loved ones on this New Year. At CakeZone special New Year cake offers and New Year Cake Delivery is available across all the cities in India. So make this New Year 2019 much more memorable than last year by celebrating it with some amazing and delicious cakes from CakeZone.

New Year Gift Combos for your Loved Ones in India

Everyone loves to celebrate the New Year with their friends and families by exchanging lovely and exciting New Year Gifts. Add little more spice and share your joy to your loved one's New Year celebrations by gifting them with an amazing New Year Gift Combo to make this New Year celebration much more memorable.

CakeZone brings you the widest range of New Year Gift combos for your friends, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, husband etc. Our Latest New Year Gift Combos are ready to be with you on your special occasion. Gift Items like New Year themed Coffee mugs, New Year Chocolates, New Year Cakes, New Year Greeting cards, New Year's flowers are included in the combos to satisfy all range of people. Order New Year's Day Combos online in India and welcome this New Year with your family, friends, husband, wife and a perfect for corporate gifts.

New Year Special Plum Cakes in India

Plumcake is almost synonymous with Christmas and New Year. Plum Cakes have the goodness of a variety of dry fruits. The yummylicious cake is prepared by soaking high quality finest grades of raisins, cashews, walnuts, figs, dates and tutti-frutti in a concoction of rum, red wine and beer. Rum Plum cakes in India are something special for all season especially on this New Year; Because New Year is always related to booze. Cakezone's Rum Plum Cake is ultimate boozy cake for this New Year. This succulent and delicious cake will definitely entice your taste buds and enhance the festivity mood. The aroma of the Rum Plum Cake is simply intoxicating and irresistible. The holiday season is upon us. Alcoholic beverages add just the right flavour profile to warm up and dramatize the season's New Year Special cakes.

Order New Year's Day Flowers Online in India

New Year season is always named for rush shopping for New Year gifts and the exchange of New Year presents with families and loved ones. Flowers find a unique place in New Year's Day gifts and one of the most popular gifts for all New Year.

We provide fresh flowers for every occasion especially in this New Year and you can choose from a wide variety of flowers ranging from Stem Orchids, Red Roses bunches, Gerberas, oriental lilies and many more. These flowers will come in exquisite bunches and bouquets mainly designed for New Year gifts. Flowers are the symbol of love and romance makes a perfect gift for Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, Husband, Loved ones etc.

Ordering New Year flowers online through CakeZone are convenient and save time from boring traffic. CakeZone online store has an extensive collection of New Year eve flower arrangements, different flower types and offering custom delivery services such as fixed time slot delivery, same day delivery or midnight delivery across all cities. So make this New Year memorable than last year by sending New Year flowers online.