Parrot Flower – Heliconia Psittacorum

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Native to the tropical regions of the Caribbean and South America, these plants with bright green foliage and vibrant flowers in shades of red, orange and yellow, can add to the beauty of any garden! These flowers are hummingbird magnets and resemble a parrot’s curved beak, hence the name – Parrot plant. This plant can be grown in pots as well as in the ground. The bright, glossy flowers appear perennially after this plant is two years old. This herbaceous (non-woody) plant is a must-have to add a bit of tropic to any space!

Common name: Parrot plant, Parrot’s beak, False Bird-of-Paradise, Parakeet flower, Hanging lobster claw

Scientific name: Heliconia psittacorum

Size: Up to 5 feet, can grow about 15 feet tall in a native tropical habitat

Maintenance: Moderately difficult

Toxicity: Mildly toxic

Where to keep the plant: This is a sun-loving plant. Plant in full sun or partial shade.

Care Guide

Water: Every day. Being a tropical plant, it loves moisture. Water as the topsoil dries. If your plant is in a pot, make sure it has well-draining soil and water never sits. On scorching summer days, you may need to water about 2 times a day. Avoid spraying as it can cause fungal growth.

Light: Direct sunlight. This is a sun-loving plant. Plant in full sun or partial shade. Six hours of sun is ideal for blooming. Low light can be sufficient for lush leaves but not for the beautiful flowers.

Soil: Well-draining porous soil. Add in a lot of organic compost to make the soil slightly acidic and to provide nutrients to the plant.

Humidity: 50-60 % relative humidity can work wonders for this Brazilian beauty.

Food: Heavy feeder. Apart from natural compost, use a water-soluble garden fertilizer every two months. This plant thrives with adequate nutrients.

Propagation: You can have a tropical garden of these plants by removing the underground rhizomes and dividing them. Plant the separated rhizomes around the yard or in different pots. Plant just below a layer of soil and keep the soil slightly moist. Be sure not to overwater rhizomes as it may cause rotting.


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