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Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Rakhi Gifts

All brothers and sisters are eagerly waiting for Raksha Bandhan also called as Rakhi. All of them are planning surprises for their brothers or sisters so that they will be able to let them feel delighted. They all know that Raksha Bandhan is among those festivals which marked the significance of a relationship between a brother and Sister.

Brothers show their Love to their Sister by Rakhi gifts and sisters show their Love by tying Rakhi to their hands. The main significance of tying a Rakhi to their wrist is that they will protect them from all the evil Eyes. It shows obligation, care and protection as well. Here in this article, we will be going to discuss all these things so that one will be able to choose the best Rakhi gift for their sisters or brothers easily.

Rakhi with chocolates

Chocolates are favourites for everyone. Why not celebrate Rakhi with chocolates? If you are looking forward to purchasing a rakhi, then you can purchase chocolates along. Instead of taking any sweets, you can let your brother consume some chocolates. 

Usually, brothers are thieves of chocolate their sisters have. Hence, if you want to cherish a memory of childhood on this day, then Rakhi chocolates are the best one for you to choose.

Also, if you are a brother and looking forward to giving your sister money on this Rakhi then includes a chocolate hamper along. The chocolate hamper will let her tease you again with chocolates and also she will love the idea you have. Also, when it comes to looking at the chocolates available, then these are available as dry fruit coated with chocolates, resins coated with chocolates, cashew coated with chocolates, plain chocolates, and so on. You can choose any accordingly. 

But it is a suggestion that you always choose the variant your sister likes. If you choose the one which your system doesn't like or your brother doesn't like, then it will be just a waste for him or her, and they will not be going to consume it at all. Also, there is an advantage available to you that some customized gifts are also available in the form of chocolates. These are available as boxes having a lot of chocolates available like KitKat, Cadbury chocolates, and so on. You can let the gift provider know about your requirement, and they will prepare the chocolate box accordingly. Be sure about your requirements so that they can provide you with the things in the same manner you require.

If you have any other decoration plan in your mind considering chocolates then also do let the decorator know about it. And if you know how to do the decorations, you can go for the same as well.


Rakhi with sweets and dry fruits

Rakhi is not Rakhi if you do not include sweets and dry fruits in it. Everyone likes different dry fruits, including almonds, walnuts, cashew, Pistachios, resins, etc. It is not important if you are a brother then only you can purchase them. If you are a sister and you wish to give your brother, his favourite dry fruits option is available. 

Now the shopkeepers are dealing with different hampers which you can consider. Some of the service providers are there dealing with customized boxes for dry fruits and Suites. If you want the same available, then you need to let them know about your requirements in detail. The details you provide them will let them design the box accordingly. 

Also, you need to know about the choices of your brother or Sister to make your Rakhi day special. Some people are there who are allergic to certain dry fruits. Hence if you do not want your brother for Sister to face the same trouble then understand his requirements in advance. Being a sister, you might be aware of the same, but being a brother, there are fewer chances for having a lot of knowledge about your Sister.

Thus, be a good brother and know about the choices of your sister and about the allergy she has. Also, if you feel like the service providers are compromising with quality then ask them about it twice then reach any conclusion. Do not invest your money unnecessarily and end up with something which you all of you will not like.

If you know how to decorate the boxes, then you can purchase dry fruits from the market and arrange them in the same manner. You can create a plate by making the name with dry fruits and so on.

Here at Hafcute  a thousand options are available to do it. You need to understand how you want to present it in front of her or him. You can also send rakhi with sweets online to your brother if you are far from him. The same option is available to brothers, where you can send rakhi sweets online to your sister.


Rakhi gifts for brother

Being a sister on Rakhi the main problem arises when it comes to choosing a rakhi gift for your brother. If you are looking forward to choosing the best gift for your brother, then you can choose a combo of belt and wallet, a combo of belt, wallet and cardholder, perfume, watches, clothes, chocolates. Also, you can go for some Rakhi available in different metals including gold, silver and diamond and so on. 

Be specific about your choice so that you can easily find out the best gift for your brother.


Send jewellery Rakhi online

The metal Rakhi also created a place which cannot be beaten by any other Rakhi available. If your brother is living far away from you, then you can send Rakhi online. The collection available to Silver Rakhi, Diamond Rakhi and gold Rakhi will help you to choose the best one for them easily. 

You need to understand that the designs available in Silver Rakhi are different from gold Rakhi and the ones available in Gold Rakhi are different from Diamond Ranchi. Hence, you need to choose according to the budget you are having. 

Silver Rakhi is cost-effective, and when it comes to looking at gold Rakhi or Diamond Rakhi, then you need to get available with a good budget for the same.

Hence whether you are choosing a diamond Rakhi or any other metal Rakhi you need to be sure about your intentions and present it in a manner that your brother will like it. Along with online delivery services, you can place a note for him so that he will smile after seeing it.

If you are placing rakhi order online, then in the collection of metal Rakhi, you will be going to see some designs which are breathtaking as well. Hence, browse through the best collection available.


Send customized photo Rakhi online

These days, the trend of Personalized Rakhi is going on. Yes, you read it right. If you want to get available with customized Rakhi including the photo of your brother or your and his photo then also the option is available. 

Now the service providers are there dealing with Personalized Rakhi so that you can easily get available with the best. Along with photos com if you want to add any quotation to the Rakhi the option is available.

But the size of the Rakhi depends upon the photo and the message you want to get displayed on it. Also, you need to understand that they will prepare it according to the wrist of a man. Hence you need to be specific about your choices and pictures you will be going to place on the customized Rakhi. 

Moreover, if you have any other idea referencing the customized photo Rakhi then also the service provider will listen to you and prepare it in the same manner as you require.

Also, if you wish to prepare the Rakhi on your own, then also you can show some creativity and prepare it. After preparing the same, you can send it through the courier services available.


Send designer Rakhi online

No one can deny the fact that when the Rakhi festival comes around the market is filled with designer Rakhi. Whether you are going for offline or online rakhi shopping, you will be going to get an amazing collection of Rakhi including beads Rakhi or Kundan Rakhi or so on. Moreover, people usually look forward to Pearl Rakhi and Dori Rakhi as well. If you want, you can go for the same as well. 

Additionally, if you want to surprise your brother with something else than beads Rakhi or any other fancy Rakhi will help you to deal with it easily.

But when you are making the choices considering fancy Rakhi you need to keep the choices of your brother into consideration. He will be going to wear it, and hence you need to choose it accordingly.

If he doesn't like it and then he will take it off after a few minutes, and it will let you feel disappointed as well. Moreover, whenever you are sending these designer rakhis online, and your brother will do such things, it will let you feel shattered as well. 

At HalfCute you have the option for making the Rakhi according to your will. Hence, if you want the Rakhi, a combo of pearls, beads, Dori or Kundan, or stone Rakhi, you can mention the same in the inquiry section and can get the same as well.


Send divine Rakhi online

We always pray for the long life of our family. And when it comes to brothers, we always want that they have our life as well. Why not send some divine Rakhi online this time?

At HalfCute you can see different divine rakhis  available, including the GaneshaRakhi, SwastikRakhi and Om Rakhi. According to your choice, you can choose them and send them. 

When it comes to looking at the collection of Ganesha Rakhi, then these are so beautiful that you cannot take your eyes off from it. The image of Lord Ganesha is so beautifully presented that your brother will understand that you wish him luck and abundance of joy.

Apart from it, the Om Rakhi is also depicting some spiritual values that your brother will be going to understand. The Om is also designed with different materials. Some are having metal along with stones and in some Om is designed with plastic or with wood.

Swastik holds a lot of importance in Hindu culture. The Swastik Rakhi is also available in different designs. You need to go to the collection and check out the best one available. After choosing the best divine Rakhi, you will be able to send it easily.


Send eco-friendly Rakhi online

If you are a nature lover, then you will not purchase dost things which are contributing to pollution. You can go for eco-friendly Rakhi available. It might sound a bit surprising to you how one can go for eco-friendly Rakhi online, but this is the truth. 

HalfCute made it easy for you. Here you will find different plant Rakhis, paper Rakhis, seed Rakhis, organic Rakhis, clay Rakhis and others available which are not contributing to pollution at all.

It is also important for you to understand that the online rakhi designs are so beautiful that you will feel like you want to purchase all of them. When you go for eco-friendly Rakhi online delivery services, choose the design which is soothing to your eyes, and your brother will also like. It is also important for you to understand that you are purchasing the Rakhi that will not fall off after the moment when your brother ties it on his wrist.

Also, in eco-friendly Rakhi, you have the choice to get available with some customised designs. If you have anything in your mind and you want the same to be available, you can let the service provider know about it. He will arrange the things in the same manner so that you will be able to get the best only.


Rakhi gifts for sister

When your sister is eagerly waiting for you to arrive at her place, she is also expecting a beautiful rakhi gift from your side. Hence, you need to choose the best gift for her. Here some options are available which you can consider:-

Girls are fond of purchasing jewellery as well. If your sister also has the craze of purchasing jewellery then visit HalfCute and get available with some oxidized jewellery or some boho jewellery. These are in trend, and your sister will feel excited after having a look at them. Also, at HalfCute we are available to help you in doing the shopping for jewellery.

Chocolates are being in trend on this day. You will get surprised to see that for this occasion, Rakhi chocolate hampers are designed so beautifully that you want to take them all. According to the choice of your sister, you can let the Rakhi chocolate hamper be prepared.

If your sister is fond of eating sweets, then you can purchase her favourite sweet as well. You will get surprised to see that the sweet makers and especially preparing the sweets with low sugar and decoration is first class. You can purchase them and surprise your sister.

You might feel that Rakhi chocolate and Rakhi sweets are very common. Hence you will look for some other Rakhi return gifts for sister available. In this list, the gifts included are watches, wallets, teddy bears, dresses, and so on. You can go shopping with your sister and let her choose what she wants.

And many other options are available which you can consider as Rakhi return gifts for sister. If you are still in confusion, then you can ask her directly and let her choose whatever she wants. There is no need for you to let yourself in any kind of trouble just because you are not sure what your sister will be going to like.

Moreover, if you wish to go through online rakhi shopping and want to get available with some customized Gifts, the option is also there. Some customized gift service providers are preparing some customized boxes, scrapbooks, handkerchiefs and other things which you can consider for her on this special Rakhi.


Rakhi gift for kids

If you have a kid brother and you are looking forward to online Rakhi gifts for kid brother then also the options are available. You can go for some teddy bears, pencil boxes, clothes and so on. Usually, boys are fond of racing vehicles, and if you want, you can purchase the rakhi gifts for him as well like racing cars, racing bikes and so on.

Apart from it if you have a kid sister and you are looking forward to Rakhi gifts for kid sister the list is so long. You can take her shopping, and she can choose any of them. If she is so young that she cannot make the choices, then you can purchase some dresses, watches her favourite colours, hairpins combo, and so on you just need to let her feel delighted so that she will look at you with a cute smile and let you feel delighted.

And many other options are available which you can consider whenever you are looking forward to choosing Rakhi gifts for kids. You can include chocolate, candies, and some chips and other things as well. It is a suggestion that chooses something which they can use and will remember you as well. If you still cannot make any choice, then we are here for you. You can let us know in the comment section below.


Send cartoon Rakhi online

Cartoon Rakhi is the first love for every kid. When it comes to looking at the collection of cartoon Rakhi, then it includes Doraemon Rakhi, Superman Rakhi, Batman Rakhi, Nobita Shizuka Rakhi, Shinchan and Doraemon Rakhi and so on. You can choose any of them accordingly. It is a suggestion that asks your brother about their favourite cartoon character so that you can easily figure out which one they will be going to like.

After choosing the favourite character of your brother, you can place your order online. Within a few days, the same will get delivered to their doorsteps. Also, it is quite interesting to see that the cartoons are designed so beautifully that your brother will feel like that they are about to speak something. 

The cartoon characters have some lightning facility available that will also let your brother feel excited about it. They will flaunt it all day by making them glow with light. The happiness you will see on their face will let you feel relaxed and happy.

Also, these cartoon characters Rakhi are available in the form of bands. Plastic bands are there which your brother can wear according to the size of his wrist. Hence, check out the collection available and place your order as soon as possible.


Rakhi gifts for married sisters

Choosing a Rakhi gift for your sister, who is not married, is an easy task to do. But when you are choosing a gift for your married sister, you will get confused and feel like where you have come. To solve this problem of yours here are some of the best Rakhi gifts for couples are mentioned which you can consider.

For a male and a female, the watch combo is available. If you are a brand freak then also the options are there, and if you wish to purchase a local one, you can go for the same as well.

Wallets are the first love. If a couple is carrying the same wallet, it will let them feel delighted. Hence, check out the collection available and place your order for the same.

The king and queen t-shirt combos always make them feel delighted. Whenever they look forward to stepping outside, they will wear it and complement each other as well.

Ring combos are available in different designs as rakhi gifts. You may feel like that this is not the right choice, but your sister and his husband will be going to wear them, and they will remember your concern towards them as well.

These are the basic options which you can consider. Also, you can consider these Rakhi gifts for Bhaiya bhabhi. Thus, there is no need for you to visit here and there and feel like no best option is available with you for your married sister.


Send Lumba Rakhi online

If you have no idea about Lumba Rakhi then let me make this clear for you, this is a Couple Rakhi. In this combo one, Rakhi is available for male, and the other one is available for female. If you are looking forward to the Fancy Lumba Rakhi collection, then HalfCute is best for you where you can buy rakhi online. . 

You can choose the favourite Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi Lumba available online and place your order for the same. The collection includes very beautiful designs which you feel like that are meant for your bhaiya and bhabhi only. Hence it is a suggestion that both the collection attentively so that you will be able to choose the best one only from our online rakhi store. 

Moreover, the service providers are available with a customisation option in case you want to the same Lumba rakhi to get customised they will help you in dealing with it as well.

Whether your bhaiya bhabhi is newly married or passed a long way the rakhi collection available will satisfy your needs.

The online rakhi collection is available based on age, and hence there is no need for you to feel like that it will look very weird in front of them according to their age. Also, if you want to get available with some customized Lumba Rakhi, the option is available. All you need to do is visit HalfCute, a best ever online rakhi store. When you visit our online portal and place your order the option is available you can make things available to you accordingly.

Whether you are placing the order for your bhaiya and bhabhi or any other couple in your family, they will be going to feel excited after seeing it.



These are the options which you can consider on this Rakhi festival. Let your brother and sister feel delighted without compromising with their happiness at all. Just choose the best for your brother and sister so that they will remember about the gift and will plant it all around that you have gifted them and it makes them happy as well.

If you have any doubt considering it out and let us know. We will get available with some more ideas and Rakhi gifts that will help you in dealing with such stuff easily.

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